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Cordless Drills – Not Only for Professionals!

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Cordless drills are an indispensable tool both at home and in professional use. Here and there you need to perform various operations: attach a shelf, hang a picture on the wall, collect furniture, or repair something. And during the repair period, it is difficult to imagine that you can do without a cordless drill.

Are cordless drills right for your needs?

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Cordless drill sets differ in their set of features, so there is a big difference between different tools. You need to consider when choosing many points, such as:

  • Tool power;
  • Functionality (reverse option, etc.);
  • Battery capacity, type;
  • Ability to charge the device without disassembly;
  • Quantity and type of drills supplied with the tool (nozzles can be purchased later if the required one is not immediately available);
  • Availability of additional battery.
  • Clamp chuck type.

In addition, the type of tool is important. The whole range of cordless drills can be divided into two main categories: professional tools or designed exclusively for home use, i.e. household.

Dewalt cordless drills, for example, are a completely professional tool. And manufacturers like Makita or Bosh label their devices in different colors. Makita cordless drill for sale in blue is a model for professional use, and the brand offers red markings for everyday use.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer Bosh also produces professional tools in a blue case and presents a household line in a green case. In this way, you can even visually easily distinguish the type of purpose of the device.

The best cordless drills 2024: a brief overview

The model range of each manufacturer is constantly updated, as new technical possibilities, options are added, kits are expanded. So we have analyzed which best cordless drill uk is currently in the greatest demand and popularity. Here is the list.

1. Makita DHP486 18V LXT

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This model is a combined drill with two basic speeds, as well as a speed control mechanism and a brake. The model has a reverse function and even LED lighting. This means that even when the drill is stuck in the surface, you can easily get it, and in addition, you will clearly see the workpiece and the exact location for the hole.

The gearbox in the model is strong, metallic, and durable, the gearbox housing is also made of metal. The maximum speed of work – 2100 rpm. The model is suitable for drilling in metal, with the help of the tool you can make holes up to 13 mm in diameter.

2. DeWalt DCD996 18V

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A powerful model with 3-speed transmission provides perfect control over revs and shocks. The tool has a high automatic speed, so any work is quite easy and effortless.

In addition, the device is equipped with a flashlight with a brightness of up to 60 lumens. This helps to see the work area well and perform the work with high accuracy. The built-in switch allows you to adjust the brightness of the flashlight as you need it to work.

Among the features of the model:

  • Powerful brushless motor with a quality cooling system;
  • Rust-resistant nitro-cemented cartridge;
  • Strong carbide inserts for holding the drill.

3. JCB 21-18CD-B 18V

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The combination drill has three main functions: twisting, drilling holes, and impact mode (hammer function). Such a wide range of options turns the model into a tool suitable for professional use.

The gearbox in the JCB 21-18CD-B 18V is two-speed, interchangeable, so the tool can handle any type of material. At the same time, your hands are reliably protected from fatigue, after all, handles are made of rubber, and the form of the case is convenient and ergonomic.

4. SB18 LTX 18V

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Brushless tool with a unique “pulse” mechanism – this technology is suitable for such complex cases as, for example, unscrewing complex screws or precision drilling on glossy surfaces.

If you are looking for not just a powerful and convenient but also a very safe and reliable tool, then the Metabo SB 18 LTX BL is exactly what you need, because the drill has an electronic protective shutdown system. This means that suddenly the drill stops for any reason, the user does not feel the characteristic impact.

5. Fein ASCM 18 QM 18V

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The convenient and reliable Fein ASCM 18 QM has two main options: a drill and a screwdriver with 4 speeds and a brushless motor. This model differs from others by 30% higher productivity and long service life.

The tool is equipped with a solid metal reducer, which guarantees the ability to work even with complex and hard surfaces. Torque is up to 90 Nm, which allows you to make neat holes, even with a very smooth work surface. These characteristics make this model ideal for the installation of expensive furniture and finishing repairs.

6. DeWalt DCD796NT 18V

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The efficient and powerful Dewalt DCD796 is the latest generation of high-efficiency, high-strength drills (meaning the tool will serve you for years to come).

The brushless motor and compact ergonomic design combined with the reduced drill length make the tool ideal for working with different surfaces. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the availability of convenient lighting, and therefore, performing the most difficult tasks in the production or repair work at home will be quite simple.

7. Makita DHP453 18V

It seems that this model was developed for beginners: it turned out so convenient and easy to use. This tool is ready to be your reliable assistant, as it has 2 mechanical gears for speed control, an electronic brake control system, powerful air cooling of the engine and many other much-needed functions and technical features.

Despite the increased battery capacity, the model differs in that it weighs the same as its counterpart with a capacity of 12 volts. Convenient control keys, metal gears – everything in this model is made just to help you and make even the hardest work easier.

This is not an exhaustive list. On ukplanettools.co.uk you can see all available assortment of such tools. In fact, there are many more decent and high-quality models of cordless drills. You had the opportunity to see the most powerful and popular. But whatever model you choose, the main thing is that it meets your personal requirements, and then the tool will become your reliable assistant in everyday life or in professional life.