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Common Misconceptions About Tankless Water Heaters: Separating Fact From Fiction

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The most basic type of heating devices were those that had a tank of pre-heated water that used to flow to the faucet. However, having a tank of heated water at all times was inefficient, so modern heating devices have a water-on-demand system.

The tankless water heaters do not have a tank full of pre-heated water; instead, they have coils or a natural gas source that heats the fluid as and when there is a demand. Tankless devices are smaller and more energy-efficient than the ones that have tanks.

However, there are many misconceptions that are associated with tankless heating gadgets, and this article will alleviate some of those myths.

Debunking Common Myths Associated With Tankless Heating Gadgets

Source: hepisontheway.com

They Are Way Too Expensive

The price of a gadget is an important criterion for any consumer. It is true that tankless  heating systems cost more than traditional heating systems. However, modern heating systems save as much as twenty to thirty percent more energy in comparison to traditional heating systems.

So even if you have to pay a high cost to purchase a modern heating gadget, the long-term cost will be low, and this will lead to high savings.

They Are Small And Unsafe

Most modern heaters do not have a tank, so they are smaller in size when compared to a traditional heating system. However, the small size does not mean that the device is unsafe per se.

Such essential elements like a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water that flows out of the faucet or shower are still present despite the small design.

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Modern Heating Systems Take A Lot Of Time To Supply Hot Water

It is true that modern heating gadgets do not have a setup where they have pre-heated water, but this does not mean they are slow and take a lot of time to supply hot water. They have a coil which gets heated up when the electricity is switched on.

When a fluid that is at room temperature passes over the coil, it also acquires the high temperature of the coil. So it does not take much time to supply the heated fluid after the gadget has been switched on.

However, this does not mean that you can have an instantaneous supply of water, and you do not have to wait for a few minutes after you have switched on the gadget.

The Maintenance Costs Are Very High

It is true that purchasing any gadget is not enough; you have to spend some money on maintaining it as well. However, there is no reason to believe that a modern heating gadget will require more maintenance than a traditional one. In fact, if you can use the gadget wisely, you may not need any repair work for the first few years after installing the gadget.

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Whenever a new electrical appliance or gadget is introduced in the market, many myths surround the new device. However, most of those myths get debunked with time, and people begin to realize the utility of modern gadgets, and the same is true for tankless heaters.