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Can Mercedes Beat Ferrari In the F1 Constructors Championship?

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While Ferrari is the most popular name in the F1, the Red Bull team is close to winning the 2024 season. However, the biggest rivalry is seen between the famous Italian car company and Mercedes. These two teams are competing for second place. If you are a fan of this competition, then you know how intense this season is.

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One of the most interesting things related to this season is the battle for second place. There is no way for other teams to get close, while chances for the Red Bull to make some bigger mistakes and make the first place questionable are very low as well. However, Mercedes is very close to Ferrari, and we are going to analyze more about the chances of this team to reach second place.

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The Amazing Return

If you are not following this sport so much, checking the current table won’t be a big surprise for you. The German team had a lot of issues at the beginning of the season. That is especially related to the introduction of a new vehicle and all problems Hamilton had with it. Everyone expected a tight battle between Hamilton and Verstappen.

However, the Red Bull driver managed to start the season in the best way, and keep that advantage to the end. The Mercedes tried to find a better solution to keep pace with the amazing Honda engine that is used in Red Bull bolide. However, while the Mercedes designed a great vehicle and excellent performances, the problem was that the bolide was too   low in height.

Also, whenever a driver would go off the track or by trying to shorten the corners, the bottom will get in contact with the road. Even though they managed to solve these issues, Hamilton had a couple of bigger failures, like 13th place in one event. Still, things got significantly improved after that, and Lewis managed to be on the podium for five times.

There is still time for some things to change because a lot of points can be earned or lost in the remaining six races. As we already mentioned, the chances for Verstappen to make a huge mistake and risk the first place are very low. On the other side, we all know that Lewis is one of the best drivers in F1, which means that there is a decent chance that Mercedes will reach second place in the constructors category.

What Are The Odds?

When it comes to the odds for racers, the main favorite is not a surprise since the odds are very low for Verstappen to not win the title this year. The followers are Leclerc from Ferrari and Perez from Red Bull. The second racer is crucial for the constructor championship because he is one of the most responsible people for current struggle of Ferrari to keep second place.

There were many surprising things made by the Italian team during 2024, and while there was a point where it seemed that they could compete for first place, that is fading out as the competition is getting close to an end.

When it comes to Hamilton, he is not listed as a favorite anymore. However, he is playing a crucial role in his team to reach the second position. We all know that he is capable of doing that. That is especially the case because he had five titles in a row that lasted up to this year. Also, Mercedes managed to win the title eight times in last 10 years. On the other hand, Ferrari became an underdog who only managed to reach a second position for a couple of times.

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Important Factors

The technical features of engines are playing a huge role here. For example, one of the reasons why Ferrari is facing issues is due to engine failures and other problems. Their vehicles are simply not reliable enough, and even though they can provide amazing performances in terms of speed, braking, and accelerating, they can be easily wiped if they face another problem during the race. On the other side, the German manufacturer is known for making reliable cars with an excellent balance between speed, steering, and the ability to avoid technical issues.

Another huge factor is experience of Hamilton. It would not be the first time for him to make a huge comeback. Moreover, it will be very important for both teams to be determined and to spend more time on checking the specs of their formulas before the race. On the other side, Ferrari is a legend in this sport, and they are capable of quickly resolving various issues. Also, they won’t give the second place so easily. Therefore, we expect a spectacle in the remaining events.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, both teams are still in play and have a chance to reach second place. There is even a chance for one of them to get the title. However, that would require a huge mistake made by Red Bull, which is tough to happen. That is the main reason why both teams are focused on securing enough points to remain or reach second place.

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In the end, the risks that Ferrari made by adding some changes to improve the performances can cost this team second place if they don’t find the right solution to avoid similar issues by the end of the championship. On the other hand, Mercedes is now hoping that Hamilton will remain focused to the end, and show everyone why he is considered as one of the best drivers in the history of F1.