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7 Ways to Calm Your Nerves During your Driving Test

Driving tests are stressful for many. There is always an underlying fear, that what if they are not able to qualify the test. For several candidates, it feels like they have wasted money because as per research, almost 49% of them fail in the driving test. There are a lot of reasons due to which they fail. Some of them include taking training lessons from a friend or relative and not going to a qualified instructor. Also, some do not practice at all on their own.

Many reasons were revealed in a few surveys when students appearing for the driving tests were failing at an increasing rate. However, an equally troublesome reason was encountered: It is the nerves. Many people have that feeling when their hands become sweaty, and their heart rate comes to erratic; they also feel that they are sinking in the pit of their stomach. Such emotions all together make them forget their preparations. They would fail because of their panicked nerves even if they had the best preparation.

It is normal that people feel nervous before their test. But when you are completely prepared, and your examiner thinks that you are ready to hit the road, then you shouldn’t worry. Examiners generally go easy on the candidates. All they want to do is to ensure that you are all ready to drive properly alone on the road. However, if still, you are not able to control your emotions, try listening to some music on the radio. Listening to good music may help to ease your nerves greatly.

Consider this pro tip from Pass First Go ​to calm your nerves down to a great extent.

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Pro tip:

If you feel comfortable, then consider listening to music on the radio while driving. Moreover, there are no rules that say you cannot talk to the examiner. However, you have to ensure that you keep your concentration on driving. If you want them, you can also choose to ask your instructor to take the back seat while you are giving your test. They will not help you with the test, but they might provide you with some moral support. They can also listen to the feedback that you get from your examiner at the end of your test.

You can survive the test, and can also calm your nerves down with the help of a few tips and tricks. You can easily survive through the test by following them. If you are looking to combat your nerves during the driving test, you are in the right place. In this article, we have shared a few tips that will help you to keep panic at bay while giving a driving test.

Source: megadrivingschool.me
  • Keep It To Yourself– Don’t disclose it to people that you are going for a driving test. If​ you choose to keep quiet about your driving test, then it will lay off a lot of pressure from you. Hence, it would help if you only informed people about what you want them to know or need to tell them.
  • Ensure That You Are Ready For The Test– Keep in mind that you wouldn’t have been​ taking the driving test if you were not good enough to pass the lessons. Also, your instructor is monitoring you daily, and you will not be put forward for the exam, if your instructor doesn’t think that you have attained the standard of giving a driving test. Make yourself understand that you are just going to do something that you have already done several times before.

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  • Take Your Driving Test As A Mock– You may panic by looking at the examiner who​ is wearing a hi-viz jacket, and also holding the clipboard to note down your performance. However, try to regard this test as another mock test. You will surely give your best performance, but you may panic that things may go wrong. Don’t forget that you are not being asked to do something that you have not done before. You have done this several times before, and you know the procedure very well.
  • Make Sure That You Arrive Early At The Centre– Keep some amount of time in hand,​ and arrive at the exam centre before 15 mins from the time scheduled for the test. 15 mins are apt, and you will neither be hurried nor will have to make your examiner wait. Do not stress on other things in life. Forget everything that is happening.

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  • Stay Away From CaffeineCaffeine will make you more nervous and agitated.​ While you stay up at night thinking about your driving test, you may feel that you need all the coffee that is present in your kitchen. But, stay away from coffee before your driving test. Opt for a soothing drink, or drink enough water. You can also have camomile tea.
  • Remember, Not To Hurry– You don’t have to show at the exam that you can reverse​ fast at the corner. Don’t rush and take things at a constant pace. Take enough time, and keep in mind that you don’t have to make a mistake. By going slow, you can always correct yourself. Examiner will see if you can make all the checks correctly. Ensure to finish the manoeuvre safely, take ample time, and relax.

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  • Don’t Go For The Test On An Empty Stomach -​ Without food, you cannot fuel your brain to guide you during the exam. Fuel your mind since you will need it during the exam. When your stomach is full, you can concentrate more on the steering wheel. However, a full English breakfast is not required. You can also have something like a banana.

Concentrate on things other than the exam. You can also choose to take a walk before the exam if that comforts you. Instead of focussing more to pass the exam, concentrate on calming your nerves down first.