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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Hunting Property

You’ve been hunting for years and finally, the time has come to become the owner of a hunting ranch yourself. It’s by far the best investment you can make. Aside from having a piece of land to do what you really love, it also gives you a perfect escape from the busy life we are forced to live nowadays. Your own oasis of peace where you connect with nature and enjoy its beauty in different seasons.

Having a hunting ranch means you no longer have to play by everyone else’s rules and adjust, it gives you the freedom to make the rules on your own. You can choose when to hunt by yourself, which might be the biggest privilege of owning such a property. Invite people over for a hunting weekend if and when you feel like it. We’re sure you can think of at least ten perks of being a hunting ranch owner yourself, but we’re here to talk about useful things you need to know before you actually buy a hunting property.

So, read the list, and crosscheck if you have considered everything you need to, before buying.

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1. How much are you willing to spend?

Before setting out to find the perfect piece of land, you should see what is the maximum you can afford to spend on such a purchase. It is the first and the most important question you need to answer before buying. Another important thing is to be realistic about the amount since you do not want to be thrown into a financial crisis.

The second important thing about your budget is related to how will your purchase be financed? Do you have some savings lying around and you wish to spend it on the land? If so, it will make the purchase an easy journey. But, if you need a apply for a bank loan, it might be a process, so start informing yourself about the possible loans on time. One thing we can tell you is that these loans often include a down payment, so be ready to allocate some cash for it.

Moreover, when looking at hunting land for sale or other specific types of properties, it’s essential to think about additional costs. These can include closing fees, surveying expenses, legal fees, and potential development or infrastructure expenses if the land isn’t already prepared for building. These costs can significantly increase your overall spending. It’s not just the upfront cost of the land itself, but the subsequent investments to make it usable or profitable that can weigh on your finances. Always ensure you have a buffer in your budget for unforeseen costs, so you aren’t caught off guard. This holistic approach ensures that your investment is sound and doesn’t become a financial burden.

All these things require planning, the sooner you are clear about your budget, the quicker you’ll become an owner.

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2. Find a suitable agent

Finding and purchasing a property by yourself is an option, but it is easy to get lost in all that offer available thought the countries. It is why finding someone specialized in the area of hunting ranches is an option that will take a huge burden off your back.

This is even more advisable if you’re a first-time buyer. If you think how hard can it be, it’s just real estate – you are partially right, but buying recreational land is much different than buying a house or an apartment. There are tons of things to consider you might not be aware of until you contact an agent.

Companies like Harrigan Land have spent decades consulting and helping people find their perfect piece of land. Therefore, like we said, having an agent will only make the purchase easier.

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3. How big of a plot do you need?

This is closely related to the budget you will be spending, but sometimes you can get a really good deal – a decent-sized plot for a price that fits your budget. Sometimes a little bargaining will also do the trick.

But, to get back to the point, think about what is the size you can realistically manage to maintain, and that will answer your hunting expectations. As for hunting expectations, you need to take into consideration what do you enjoy hunting most, using what type of weapons. For example, approximately 50 acres will do if your prey of choice is a whitetail and you like to hunt with a partner, using a rifle.

The size can decrease by half if you prefer hunting alone. If you like using weapons like bow and arrow, buying 10 acres of land will also satisfy your needs.

In some states, the size of the property you intend to use for hunting is determined by state laws, so you can’t really choose below the minimum they’ve already set. One such state is Texas.

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4. Location

After having your budget set, your agent hired and the size of the land decided on (using criteria described in the previous point), it is time to see which location would you enjoy most. Or better said, which location will answer your hunting expectations most.

There is a couple of advice regarding the location we would like to give. The first one would be the distance from the place you live. Having a ranch too far away may result in you hardly ever had time to travel there. Additionally, traveling may add to your maintenance costs. So, see if you can buy land within a reasonable driving distance from where you live.

The second one would be the proximity of the nearest settlement – i.e. the town. It would be good to have supplies available near your hunting ranch. However, if you like to be in a slightly secluded area, that is also fine.

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5. What does the property offer?

A good hunting area has a variety of wildlife. For your land to be assessed as such you need to explore if it has amenities necessary for wildlife. By this we mean water sources – they add up to the value of the ground and also add to a variety of hunting styles – like fishing. Having a pond or a stream is a great asset. Food sources also… It is only logical that wildlife will require basic needs such as food and water. Having those two means the hunting activity is sustainable.

Owning a ranch nowadays is a really wise decision, especially if you have children. Teaching them to love and respect nature is something they will appreciate later in life. So, even though it might sound like an expensive investment, it is worth a while, in so many ways.