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Bulk SMS Marketing Tips for Your E-commerce

With the advent of the Internet, small and large business owners have much more opportunities for communicating with their customers. E-commerce started to be used in the United States in 1979. Europe picked up the trend in 1981, and later, at the end of 1990, the direction spread to the former Soviet Union and China.

Every day, there are more and more devices providing Internet access across the globe. At the moment, there are about 7 billion gadgets used for communication with the help of advanced technologies. Forecasts from leading world experts indicate that the number of devices will reach 50 billion by 2024. Therefore, e-commerce is gaining an increasing share of the financial market. The more people use gadgets and the Internet, the more effective digital marketing campaigns become. This means that if a business owner doesn’t come to the e-world as well, their business is doomed to fail.

One of the most popular ways to interact with your target audience is to send sms bulk. It is enough to use well-made advertising texts to notice that potential customers grow interest in your company. The effectiveness of this marketing move becomes clear after studying statistics. Messages received on phones have a 98% chance of being opened, while emails have a lower rate of 20%.

The average number of clicks on links that come in SMS notifications is 19%. Email recipients click on links to other sites much less often – about 3.2% of the time. Therefore, the effectiveness of email newsletters doesn’t bring the desired level of income and conversion for the company.

All kinds of services and tools are used to carry out mass mailings. They allow you to send a large number of messages to users that your database contains.

Why should e-commerce retailers send promotional SMS?

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Regardless of the demographic group, all customers expect to receive good deals from companies. Buyers are interested in information about sales and other promotions.

A lot of companies are doing bulk mailing in the wrong way. One such example is sending more than 10 emails in a week. It’s unlikely that users will be interested in so many messages. If the message contains an unsubscribe button, then customers are more likely to use it. And in the worst case, they will send a set of e-mails to spam.

Most often, this is the fate of messages received from companies that are not interesting to people who get them. Some marketers buy a database of email addresses and start mass mailing without looking at the age and social category of recipients.

SMS advertising is unlikely to be of interest to users who didn’t leave their mobile phone number voluntarily and didn’t subscribe to notifications. Messages sent using the bulk sms marketing tool will contain basic information about promotions or other important news. At the same time, the number of characters is limited – customers will read an interesting notification consisting of several lines.

SMS advertising strategies are also quite popular because users trust such messages. This method is used to communicate with friends and is more convenient than emails. The main thing is not to overdo it. In order to stay in touch with your target audience, it is enough to send no more than 4-6 notifications per month. Thanks to this, customers will stay up to date and not lose their interest.

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Business owners should consider sending bulk sms from website to reach their audience for the following reasons:

  1. SMS marketing can reduce advertising costs. Using e-commerce is a great way to simplify business processes in many industries. Online stores don’t rent premises and don’t need a large staff of employees and couriers. All processes are automated. Delivery of goods is carried out using courier services. Besides, sending text messages to notify your customers doesn’t entail big costs.
  2. Your target audience is expanding. Online sales opportunities are endless. Users from any country can buy your products. The main thing is to choose a suitable transport company for cooperation, and it should be capable of delivering parcels quickly.
  3. Users will not forget about your brand. Regular messaging helps to keep customers interested in a particular company at a high level. Your target audience should always be aware of upcoming promotions and sales, which is the key to increasing conversion and sales growth.

SMS marketing is a great way to promote and grow your business on the Internet, so don’t underestimate its importance when planning your marketing campaign.

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SMS examples for e-commerce

Successful implementation of e-commerce is possible for many domains. Here are several examples of services that actively use the capabilities of bulk sms for businesses:

  1. Services for accepting utility bills and paying fines online. Such systems eliminate the need for customers to queue for hours. They are available to users of phones, laptops and other gadgets. To use the system, it is enough to connect to the Internet and go to online banking.
  2. Aggregators of goods and services, message boards and various directory sites. Online trading companies are quite popular among users of various age categories. Here, customers can book tickets, a hotel room or buy clothes.
  3. Sites that sell books or movies, cinemas online.

E-commerce has a turnover of $ 3.5 trillion. China and the USA are among the leaders in this domain. The giants of online sales are well-known sites that sell goods at low prices. All of these companies use bulk sms marketing to inform their customers about:

  • placing an order;
  • confirmation of registration;
  • delivery of goods;
  • addition to the product range;
  • opportunities to share information with friends;
  • company news;
  • availability of promotional offers or start of sales.

With the help of the mass texting tool, companies can congratulate their customers on international or personal holidays. Sending messages in the form of a birthday greeting or a bonus on that day leads to increased brand loyalty.

It is important that customers consent to receive notifications from your company. To do this, the company’s website must indicate that advertising messages will be sent to the mobile number used during registration. Users can agree or unsubscribe from the mailing. Unsubscribing from your company’s messages needs to be easy, otherwise each subsequent notification will be annoying and sent to spam.

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Now it is your turn

Communication of people is very important in a dynamically developing world. Bulk SMS mailings are very effective, and well-known companies use them in various domains. So, business owners can keep in touch with their target audience at no extra cost. Social messengers and e-mails are many times inferior to familiar classic SMS messages. Promotional bulk sms service allows you to send notifications to people in different cities in a few minutes.

E-commerce in the domains of online sales, banking, hotel reservations and all kinds of transactions actively use SMS marketing to notify their customers about the actions taken on the site. Prompt notifications allow users to make sure that payment or other actions were performed correctly. To send as many messages to clients as possible, just use the service https://bsg.world/bulk-sms/