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11 Ways to Boost Your Client’s Commitment to Fitness

Getting your clients to commit to fitness can be a tough job. It is often challenging to let go of a bad habit, especially if we are addicted. Once you have a client who has tried multiple times and you have given him/her the best advice, it may be time to turn to some tricks.

Taking your clients to the next level of commitment is not a hard job, but it may take some time. The key is to be patient and persistent when working with your clients. Once you apply these tips, they will be committed in no time.

Your clients should always feel as though they have won something, even if they lose the competition. The feeling of relief in knowing they gave their all while competing is priceless. Challenge your fitness clients to always exceed their own expectations! The following are some ways in which you can help your client stay committed to their fitness regime and reach their goals.

1) Use workout builder application

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A workout builder software is curated by experts that have been in the health industry for quite some time. An app will be able to provide clients with the right kind of workouts that they need. Plus, using apps makes it easy to count calories and keep a keen eye on your diet. Mobile apps can build workouts specifically engineered for your client and their needs. Furthermore, they can change the workout depending on the progress your client is making. An app like Strongr Fastr is not only something that builds workouts, but it is also a calorie tracker.

With calorie and exercise tracking, your clients will have everything they need to be successful.

2) Use social media

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Clients who are just getting into fitness should be given more motivational posts than those who have been in the business for quite some time. The reason is that newbies feel lost when trying to do something new. They need someone there to guide them as well as push them on a daily basis.

Motivational posts will show them ways in which they can be successful in the long run. If you want your clients to succeed from the get-go, telling them how much you believe in them can go a long way. But, if that does not work, try giving them assignments that test their commitment and fitness level regularly. Taking your clients to the next level is easier when you use social media.

3) Give them a challenge

If your clients are not being challenged, they will get bored. A bored client is not a happy client. Accordingly, if you want to keep your clients happy, you need to find ways in which they can push themselves without feeling like they are working too hard or too little.

Give your clients a challenge so that they can get more out of their workouts. So go ahead and give your clients a tough workout and encourage them to be strong! When they complete your challenge, they will feel a sense of victory which will aid their commitment

4) Use food as a motivator

Most people who work out do so because they want to look better. If that is the case for your client, then you should use food as a motivator. This way, you can take their mind off of their workout and put it on the food that they are going to eat when it is time for them to eat again. Coupling cardio with cheat food sounds bad, but take it easy on your client. Rewards and motivators are necessary. Additionally, they would have earned that.

5) Add something fun to the regiment


A bored client will quit exercising, and that is the last thing you want. So to avoid losing your clients, give them something more stimulating every time they exercise. If you are having trouble coming up with a new challenge, try checking out social media for ideas or make something up yourself.

For example, if your clients love parkour, add that to the regimen. This will make the workout a bit harder than normal. You can also encourage them to run instead of walking on the treadmill or practicing their technique on a different rep range. Either way, you need to come up with something that is challenging since it will build self-confidence while pushing them out of their comfort zone.

6) Let them choose the workout sometimes

Letting your clients decide what they want to do every once in a while keeps them engaged. This makes it easier for you to challenge them at the same time. If you give them a challenge and they cannot get past the first step, they will get discouraged.

On the other hand, if they choose a workout and they fail at that, they will be more inclined to get up. This is because of the fact that they chose their workout. You can chime in with helpful suggestions and motivation to help them.

7) Switch up the workouts daily

A happy client is a committed client. If your clients are bored, you have been giving them the same boring exercises. Keep things fresh and interesting for your clients. Change workouts to something fun each day. There are thousands of fun workouts available; all you have to do is search them up. As a result of this, they will be excited to see what it is you have in store for them each day.

8) Keep a log

Keeping a log can motivate the client as it can showcase their progress. Track the size of their muscles or the reduction in their waist size. Show them that exercising is truly helping shape them to be the best versions of themselves. The one downside is that progress can also be slow. But you can always minutely pump up those numbers to motivate them, can’t you?

Plus, once you find out what they are willing to do on a day-to-day basis, you will know exactly what to add to their workouts.

9) Use music

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Being a trainer also means you have to be a good DJ sometimes! Using music can ease the mental stress that comes from a heavy workout. Everyone knows workouts are a lot easier when you are vibing and bobbing to the beat. Music can motivate and make their workouts way easier. As a result, your client will be more motivated to stay committed.

10) Offer rewards and incentives

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Without rewards, no one is committed to doing anything. It is true for every human and every animal. If you have tried everything and failed, it may be time to reward them. Offer them rewards to signify how far they have come. Create milestones for them and reward your clients when they reach it. For example, the milestone can be running 5 kilometers on the treadmill in one day. The rewards can be anything from a gym t-shirt, shoes or even a water bottle. Or, if you can’t afford gifts, offer them little incentives in the form of “days off.”

11) Give them resources

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Clients will feel lost when they start an exercise program if there are no resources available for them to use on a daily basis. This can mean posting videos on YouTube that show certain exercises that the client should be doing.

You can also guide them to verified, popular YouTube channels. Make sure to help them navigate the endless ocean of resources available. Choose the best ones available, as many people still portray the wrong forms of exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which workout mobile apps are good?

Strongr Fastr, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Fitness Plus are the best options available for overall workout apps. Nike Training Club, Peloton, and Strava can help you with your cardio goals best. FitNotes is also one good app for keeping logs.

What if my client doesn’t show progress?

Check if they are getting enough rest. If they aren’t getting enough rest, cut back on the workouts as it can be harmful to them. But if they are getting enough rest and not showing progress, you need to pump up their workouts.


Use social media and apps to encourage your clients to stick with their fitness routines. You need to come up with strategies so they can exert themselves without feeling as if they are doing too little or too much work. Additionally, using apps makes it simple to track your food and count calories.

Workouts can be created using mobile apps that are specially tailored to your client’s requirements. They will learn how to succeed in the long run through inspirational posts. Make a challenge for them. Your clients will become disinterested if they are not pushed.

Using food as an incentive is another option. Every time they work out, provide them with something more engaging. Allow them to select the workout occasionally too. A rigorous workout can cause mental tension, which can be reduced by using music. Offering incentives and rewards for their workouts can go a long way. Finally, be mindful to assist them in navigating the vast sea of fitness resources available at their disposal.