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Bodyguard Training & Certification: 7 Things You Need to Know

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Being a Bodyguard is not about having a toned-muscle body and wearing goggles with a black outfit. It is more like acquiring skills, physical and mental strength, and necessary qualifications. One can hire bodyguards for safety as per their certifications and skills. If you are interested in getting bodyguard training, you need to know various things.

You have to prepare yourself for experiencing various challenges and understand what happens in this field. You can achieve your goals with proper research, courses, and training. There is a need for highly-skilled bodyguards everywhere to provide safety to celebrities, VIPs, and government authorities.

They must protect the person from kidnapping, abuse, theft, attack, etc. It is necessary to stay with the celebrity or VIP at his property. There is a risk to life, too, and you must prepare for it. Before you go ahead, you must know everything about security escort training and their certifications.

1. About Bodyguard Training

A person can become a security escort who is well-trained in every possible way to safeguard a group or a person. There can be many risks that a person has to deal with, like harassment, social attack, kidnapping, abuse, theft, etc. The security escort must know how to deal with such situations and protect individuals.

It requires a lot of rigorous training and skills for becoming a bouncer. It is essential to apply for the courses that help you get training with or without weapons. The requirements of different celebrities or VIPs may vary. If you are eligible, you will get the job and desired salary.

2. Time Needed for Bodyguard Training

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To become a security guard, you must know how long it will take to get training and prepare yourself. It is a standard thought that comes to a trainee’s mind. The course duration in every country or institute may vary, ranging from many weeks to months. To prepare yourself thoroughly, you need to dedicate even months to become an expert.

You can easily search various courses offered by several institutes where they taught basic things in the beginning. The course will get more challenging with time. You can easily acquire the required skills and certifications to apply for a job. To get experience, you can work in a security company. When you gain enough experience, any person or an organization can hire you personally.

3. Requirements for Becoming a Security Guard

It is not easy and common to do Bodyguard Training. Before applying for the program, you must meet the eligibility criteria. It is necessary to keep basic requirements in your mind. The following are the essential requirements you must check before joining the program.

  • The candidate’s age must be 18 or above.
  • No compromise with the physical strength
  • Good hearing abilities and perfect eyesight
  • Must have the driving license
  • Better observing skills and staying alert
  • Amazing communication skills
  • Well-groomed
  • No criminal background

If you fulfill all the requirements, you are eligible for this job, and you can go ahead to get the training. If you miss any of the mentioned things, your application can get rejected.

4. Skills that are Must Learn

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Every client has different needs when it comes to skills. If you are training for specific clients, you must learn accordingly. But there are common skills that are crucial for becoming a good bouncer. Even if you apply for any job in a company, you need the listed skills.

  • Management of Conflicts: Being a personal security guard, you must deal with many dangerous situations. You can get into conflicts, but you must protect your client. You must know how to deal with these situations and get your client rid of them.
  • Unarming the Combat: There is special training to learn how to unarm or remove all the weapons from combat. For disarming attackers, you must know various techniques of martial arts. It is the best way to safeguard your client from weapon attacks and get enough time to escape.
  • Fighting Techniques: If the attacker does not have weapons, you must know how to fight with him. It is necessary to learn various fighting moves to safeguard your client. You must be physically fit to fight with enough stamina and get out of the situation.
  • Operating Weapons: As a bodyguard, you have to operate several types of weapons. Every client can provide weapons for their safety, and you must learn how to use them. It is necessary to gain knowledge and learn techniques for operating it.
  • Driving and Escape: It is better to escape from any dangerous place instead of facing the attacker. The primary goal is to protect the client, which can only be done if you know tactical driving and escaping techniques. You must know how to drive whatever vehicle you use and keep the individual safe.
  • First Aid: In dangerous situations, the client can get injured, and a bodyguard must know how to provide medical care. It is necessary to keep the first aid kit with you and use it when required. You must know all kinds of drugs, chemicals, surgical techniques, etc. Even if you do not have any resources, you make an individual survive for a long time.
  • Risk Assessment: A bodyguard must be alert enough to analyze the possibilities of risk for his client anywhere. When you can detect the risks, you must know how to deal with that situation. It is essential to analyze the situation and react accordingly.
  • Controlling the Crowd: Sometimes, an attacker can be a part of the crowd, and he can attack your client without any idea. It is essential to stay alert, and you must know how to do crowd control. You must avoid the crowd to come closer to the person you are protecting.
  • Professional Escorting: You must know how you can use your body for protecting any VIP. It is a risky task where you will be dealing with attacks personally. Your body can be a shield for an individual and let him escape a dangerous situation.

You can take up several courses for bouncer training where you will learn all the necessary skills and techniques. You can acquire those skills and get the desired job per the client’s requirements.

5. Method to Apply for the Training Program

Once you decide to be a security escort, you must look for the institutes that offer such courses. You can also search online and find suitable companies to teach you to become a bouncer. Ensure you get certification after completing the course, which is necessary to get a job. You can apply for any program and acquire skills from basic to specialized.

You have to submit all the documents like your driving license, ID proofs, etc., while applying for it. After examining your documents, criminal background check, physical and mental state, etc., you will be approved for the training program. In the end, pay the fees and get yourself enrolled.

6. Ways to Survive the Strenuous Training Program

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Undoubtedly, training for becoming a security guard is quite challenging, and it is hard to survive its different phases. Many individuals leave in between the program because they cannot make it. But you have to keep yourself motivated and dedicated to the program.

You must know how to handle the stress while getting training. It is essential to practice a lot to become perfect. Before enrolling in such a strenuous program, you must be mentally and physically fit. Getting in-detail knowledge of everything and gaining experience to get a job protecting any individual is essential.

7. Know About Benefits and Compensation

Whenever anyone hires you as a bodyguard, you must accept the job after knowing the benefits and compensation. An organization or an individual shares salary details online and explains all the benefits provided to the bounder. You can also work in shifts and serve multiple clients.

Before you take up the job, you must check all the facilities you will get, including your salary. Even if there is a high risk of life, you must check how much compensation you will get. After knowing every contract clause, you must sign it to get hired.

The Bottom Line

The need to hire bodyguards is at its peak in many companies, government institutes, and VIPs. There is a good scope for getting a job in this field if you are trained enough and have skills, knowledge, and experience. You must join a course to get skills and certifications.

Once you acquire all the necessary skills, you can apply for a job in any reputed security company in the beginning to gain experience. After that, you can become a personal bodyguard of a celebrity or VIP. Before you enter this field, you need to know all the mentioned things. The job of a security escort is quite challenging, strenuous, and risky.

You have to be dedicated enough to finish your training and protect your client in all situations. Keep all the information in your head and enroll yourself in a reputed bodyguard training program.