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7 Best Solar Batteries for Commercial Usage

Solar batteries are crucial if you have a solar panel system on your property, and a quality one makes all the difference. To purchase one however you have to be familiar with all of the features that separate the best solar batteries from all the others, which will enable you to pick out the right model for your solar energy system. Some of the most important criteria by which you should judge a battery include the power rating, capacity, depth of discharge, the warranty, as well as brand reputation and efficiency. By making sure all of these factors are satisfactory, you will ensure that your solar devices are powered by top-tier and high-quality batteries.

Continue reading this article to learn about the best solar batteries for commercial use available on the current markets. In addition, if you wish to find out more on the topic of solar panels, solar batteries, solar energy systems in general, visit Harness Power.

1. Vivint Solar LG Chem

Source: pv magazine USA

We start things off with one of the best and most trustworthy solar batteries currently available, the Vivint Solar LG Chem. What this battery is best suited for is places that experience frequent and prolonged blackouts, or regular power surges and deficiencies.

Thanks to the top of the line technology inside of the battery, it is able to bring simplicity and ease of use to the whole system. Both indoor and outdoor uses are possible with this lithium-ion battery, so wherever your installation is you do not have to worry. Each battery comes with a 10-year performance warranty, which speaks volumes about how much the manufacturer trusts its products. There is even the possibility of increasing the power capacity by linking more batteries with a hybrid inverter.

When it comes to the best solar batteries for commercial usage, understanding the role of solar inverters is crucial. These devices play a vital role in converting the DC power generated by solar panels into usable AC electricity, ensuring a seamless energy supply for your commercial needs.

2. Battle Born LiFePO4

Source: Battle Born Batteries

While the first battery was the best option for places with frequent power outages, the second example on the list is your best choice for off-grid locations. The Battle Born LiFePO4 comes out of the box fully charged, and they are instantly installable. This is a deep-cycle type battery that loads very quickly and is equipped with tons of different mounting and options. You will be able to install it virtually anywhere.

The brand offers free shipping on this battery if you order it from Amazon, a great benefit for most customers. This is especially convenient if you need more than one battery for your solar panel system. The solar battery is lithium-ion and very cost-effective. Therefore, if you have an off-the-grid property that requires power, look no further than this model. There are 10 years of warranty on each purchase too.

3. Universal Power Group deep-cycle VRLA

Source: Deep Cycle Battery Shop

In case you are looking for something on the low-cost side of the spectrum without sacrificing too much of the performance, the third entry on our list of best solar batteries is for you. Although it is a budget option, the worth you get for the money is incredible. The Universal Power Group deep-cycle battery does its best work when applied to home solar systems, or mobile charging systems like camper vans and boats.

Except for the economy-friendly price, the battery is very durable and versatile for its price. What is more, the maintenance required is rather low, and the whole body is able to withstand spills. The biggest, and only, the downside is the very short warranty of only 1 year. Compared to the others on the list, it is incredibly shorter, but you do get a quality product for less buck.

4. Discover 48V Lithium

Source: Discover Battery

The Discovery 48V lithium battery combines the best things about the previous two entries on the list. It does wonders for off-grid locations and mobile systems, for an affordable price. Moreover, its life span is one of the best and it is convenient and easy to store away and install. If this covers all you need from your new solar panel battery, look no further.

In addition to these features, it is worth mentioning that this battery handles sudden deep discharges well, meaning you will not need its maximum capacity to meet your energy needs. Last but not least, this battery has faster charge rates than many of its competitors, so no time is going to be wasted on waiting for it to be ready.

5. Weize 12V deep-cycle AGM

Source: desertcart.jp

Moving on to our next item on the list, here is one affordable low-cost piece of solar panel equipment. The Weize 12V deep-cycle AGM battery has a long life span and it is capable of delivering some truly high performance. Thanks to its wide range of applications, it is useful for a number of places, be it off-the-grid locations, homes and weekend houses, or vehicles.

However, it is best suited and specialized for smaller, enclosed areas, that is if you wish to utilize its full potential. With each purchase, there is a 1-year warranty, as well as a refund policy of 30 days. It is among the best solutions on the market though so you will probably not even think about returning it.

6. Renogy Rechargeable 12V

Source: Renogy Rechargeable 12V

There has been some word about batteries that work well on vehicles, but if you want one specifically made for RVs, you have finally found it. Renogy Rechargeable 12V is one of the best things you can equip your RV with. It is a deep-cycle gel battery that has an affordable price tag and a lot of potential. If you are an adventurer who frequently takes the RV for a week or month-long trips, this high-quality battery with a long lifespan will become your best friend.

It even has explosion-proof safety valves for increased security on the road, away from home. Another thing that items like this one need to be convenient is low maintenance levels. It is both leaks- and spill-proof, which means there is nothing that will damage it on your next RV tour.

7. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

The seventh and last solar battery on the list is your best bet for systems that do not require more than 200 watts to work. If you have to power up devices like laptops and other small electronic gadgets that usually run on less power than that, this Jackery Portable Power Station is the answer. It is very lightweight and easy to store so it will never present a nuisance on the go. It is on the affordable side, and you can even charge it while you use it to maximize its potential.