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4 Best Shipping Label Printer – 2024 Guide

Source: cnet.com

Given the increasing need for automation within the warehouse and the increasing supply of hardware devices on the market that can be used inside the warehouse, we have prepared for you a list of devices that, according to our experience so far, we know perform their tasks reliably.

Special purpose printers used for printing labels and/or declarations for products, address books and similar tasks are a necessity in today’s open market, where people like to buy online, and shipping of different goods has never been this intense. These are often high-resolution printing hardware, but what is more important, is that they are printers with higher print speeds and robust construction – ready to keep up with the demand. Here’s a list of the best ones, currently available on the market.

1. MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer

Source: amazon.com

Whether you’re in need of a shipping label printer for your small business, or you own a large warehouse from which you send goods worldwide, this printer would answer both of your needs. Best of all, when certain labels need to be converted to different sizes, it has automatic software for the job without a hassle. It works fine with whichever OS you’re using, be it MAC, Windows, or Linux. It also comes with a label-making software.

2. Zebra ZQ 300 mobile printer

Source: zebra.com

Best-selling mobile printer that can be used in large-area warehouses when there is a need to print item barcodes or package or location labeling barcodes during product collection. It adapts very quickly to specific needs, and all models offer wireless connectivity, a battery that will last an entire shift without problems, and durability and strength of construction that withstands falls and damage.

3. Honeywell PD43c

Source: supplylineid.com

If you’re in need of a piece of hardware able to print the smallest possible label, look no further, as this one will satisfy all your business needs. The interface is super simple, making the device very easy to navigate through.

It is a lightweight device and incorporates the latest innovations in a compact and affordable package. As mentioned earlier, an ideal piece of equipment for tight spaces, shallow worktops, and pull-out cabinets.

4. Zebra ZT421

Source: posdata.eu

With advanced technology—including a large color touchscreen and versatile connectivity options—these devices take performance to a whole new level and are adaptable to your evolving needs. Above all, they are further enriched with special software to deliver unmatched intelligence and innovation for exceptional performance and simplified remote management.

When shopping for a printer, remember that the price you pay at the store is only the beginning. Be sure that the price of the printer includes the cost of toner or ink cartridges and other consumables that you will need to replace over time. Also, check before buying whether there is also the possibility of refilling the toner and ink tank, which will significantly lower the price of the print later. This information is especially important if you print a lot. Sometimes the price of a toner set can very easily approach the price of the laser printer itself (along with the toner that the printer comes with)

Most manufacturers list the average number of pages the printer can print before the ink cartridges run out. You can also use this number of pages to calculate your average cost per page and once you do that you will be surprised to see how much this number can vary from printer to printer.