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The Best Hospitals for Treatment Abroad

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The field of medical tourism is becoming more popular every year. Numerous patients prefer to be treated in foreign hospitals rather than in their native countries.

This is because foreign hospitals have Interventional Radiology Technologist and use effective and modern therapeutic methods, so they can treat the most complex diseases.

The best countries regarding the quality of medical services at the moment are Turkey and Germany. A huge number of modern hospitals, which employ the best doctors are located here. For many patients with severe and rare diseases, foreign hospitals are the only chance for cure.

TravelMedi Clinic Istanbul

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This medical center is among the best ones in Turkey. For the high quality of medical services, it has been awarded the JCI quality certificate, which guarantees high-quality treatment for each patient. TravelMedi Clinic Istanbul has been successfully treating patients from all over the world for many years and is one of the most efficient in the world in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery.

For effective treatment of alopecia, cutting-edge methods such as FUE and DHI are used here, which allow achieving impressive results. Besides treatment of baldness, the best plastic surgeons of the world successfully perform breast augmentation with modern implants. Almost 100% of patients are satisfied with treatment and do not have any complications.

University Hospital Heidelberg

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This German medical center is one of the most wide-specialized among the competitors. Here you can undergo modern treatment in more than 40 areas. University Hospital Heidelberg is one of the first hospitals to develop and introduce innovative treatment methods for many diseases.

The hospital has been repeatedly ranked as one of the best hospitals in the world by FOCUS magazine, once again proving the high quality of its services. It is one of the top hospitals in Germany due to its high success rates as well as the number of surgeons with extensive experience in performing interventions on the brain, spine, joints, etc.

University Hospital Oldenburg

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This hospital is another jewel in the crown of German medicine. It ranks among the best hospitals for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases thanks to the work of international cardiac surgeons. In general, more than 100,000 patients are treated here annually.

Besides state-of-the-art medical equipment and innovative treatment protocols, here you will find comfortable wards equipped with everything you need to relax and forget about your health problems. The University Hospital Oldenburg has a stunning recreational area where every patient can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

In addition, the healthcare facility has one of the best diagnostic neurosurgical departments in the world. Experienced neurosurgeons carry out diagnostic procedures in cooperation with specialists from other departments. All modern diagnostic procedures are available around the clock, including CT scans, angiography, MRI, and neurophysiological diagnostic procedures.

Treatment at the world’s best hospitals during the pandemic

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If the level of medical services in your country seems unsuitable for you, then hospitals abroad are a great opportunity to receive state-of-the-art treatment. One of the main obstacles to undergoing treatment abroad is the global lockdown. For this reason, thousands of patients cannot get treatment in foreign hospitals, having to wait for the borders to open.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to save your time and get treatment abroad as soon as possible thanks to the medical tourism operator Booking Health. Due to its professionalism, many patients have already got treatment during the lockdown. The specialists of the company will provide you with help in preparing all the necessary documents, receiving entrance permission, etc.

Moreover, you will have access to cost-effective treatment in the best foreign hospitals without surcharges for non-residents. This is possible because Booking Health has been working with foreign hospitals for many years. Thus, with Booking Health you will save not only your time, but also up to 50% of the cost of treatment.