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5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Needs

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Outsourcing is a common business practice where job functions and services are delegated to a third party. Businesses/organizations can choose which Information Technology (IT) functions or operations they can trust to an IT provider. IT providers can be entrusted with varying functions depending on the client’s needs.

They can be given the mandate to handle entire IT operations on behalf of a client or easily defined tasks like providing network services, disaster recovery, QA testing, and software development.

Organizations may opt for a perfect outsourced service that suits their needs. They can be onshore (within the client’s country), offshore (to a far country outside the client’s time zone), or nearshore (neighboring country within the same time zone). However, offshore and nearshore outsourcing services are preferred because they are cheaper.

Outsource services are divided into two categories: application outsourcing and infrastructure outsourcing. Application outsourcing includes QA and testing services, legacy system maintenance, packaged software management and implementation, and new application development.

Infrastructure outsourcing includes network services, data center outsourcing, managed security operations, desk capabilities, or overall infrastructure management. Technological advancements have ushered us into a cloud-based world.

This has forced IT service providers to extend their services to cover infrastructure, platforms-as-a-service, and software providers. Outsourced IT service providers are also able to handle cloud service accounts.

Many businesses and organizations are determined to maintain a healthy relationship between the cost and quality of their services. One method of cutting operational costs is outsourcing. To effectively utilize technology, many companies prefer to outsource their IT needs.

IT services outsourcing is the full or partial commitment of Technical services to IT service companies to perform operations and duties remotely. Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing your IT needs.

1. Reduces cost

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Cost reduction is one of the main driving forces for outsourcing. Outsourcing IT services lowers the overhead and enables hiring more remote technical support experts at a lower cost. They will offer quality IT services at a reduced cost compared to a full-time in-house team.

Outsourcing services ensure you maintain a small in-house team of employees and save on office space and infrastructure. Reducing utility expenses allows business owners and managers to save or redirect the funds to other essential operations and needs.

Outsourcing IT services means you will require lesser tools and equipment for your IT support team, thus saving on your overhead. The outsourced teams will incur their own cost in ensuring they have the right needed tools and software to meet their assigned duties.

2. Security

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Businesses and organizations face many risks during operations. Among them include market competition, financial conditions, and government regulations. There is also the technological threat to systems and data. This requires a qualified team that is in a better position to deal with the risks and threats.

Outsourced IT experts are rich in knowledge and skills to ensure data security, compliance with regulations, and optimum operations. They can make better decisions in their areas of expertise than internal teams with limited skills.

They can afford advanced systems, software, and tools to analyze, effectively monitor, and manage servers and networks. The complexity and cost of their various high-level security tools are often beyond reach for ordinary businesses/ organizations.

Outsourced IT professionals are better equipped and trained to ensure the existing security features run smoothly. If you would like a good example of an outsourced IT service company you can check out MyTek. They effectively implement common security protocols like timely updates as well as grant access control.

3. Time

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Time is precious in all aspects of life. In the business world, many underrate the value of time management. Businesses and organizations unknowingly waste a lot of time in their day-to-day operations, from the hiring stage to daily operations. One of the advantages of outsourcing your IT needs is time management.

Outsourced IT experts are better able and experienced to manage the day-to-day operations that your internal team would otherwise be wasting time doing. They can deal with technical issues swiftly and effectively.

Outsourcing IT services in different time zones is the best way to ensure round-the-clock operations at a lower cost. The difference between your location and the outsourced team can work to your advantage. The outsourced team can continue operations even when you are closed for the night. This allows ample time to perform systems maintenance when employees are away from the office.

Outsourced IT providers offer better and faster service delivery. They will decrease the lead time your products take to get to the market and the quality of service offerings. This is because your ideas will have a faster conversion platform to products.

4. Improved Focus and reduced downtime

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Outsourcing IT needs allows the internal teams to solemnly focus on advancing and growing the business. The internal team is freed from constant interruptions from arising issues requiring them to troubleshoot. They will have their focus shifted from maintenance and upkeep to working on productive projects.

Instead of fighting to keep the business/organization afloat, they can direct their specialty to business-growing ventures. Outsourced IT teams free the internal teams of businesses. They free the energies of the workforce, allowing them to focus on building the brand, developing, and investing in other essential projects to provide clients with better and more valuable services.

5. Availability and flexibility

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Internal teams are rigid in terms of availability. This means they are only available for a specified time (working hours) and specific days (working days). Should their services be required outside their stipulated time and days, businesses/ organizations will have to pay extra. This is because they have an entitlement to leaves, holidays, and family time.

However, outsourcing IT services means you have a team of experts at your disposal 27/7, all year round. Outsourcing needs guarantees you ever-present services. The teams will attend to all their duties and tasks as required without regard to weekends, holidays, or overtime payment. They offer a complete package of services that is available anytime.


Technology is always adopted to help support the day-to-day operations of businesses and organizations. However, constant technology issues can be the worst nightmare for any business. A good technical support team is needed to ensure technology positively impacts your operations and meets your goals.

Outsourcing IT services is a perfect way to ensure a cost-effective and productive IT support team. There are many benefits of outsourcing IT needs as partly covered above. The outsourced IT team can efficiently help address the various threats and risks that come with any business. In addition to cost-effectiveness, outsourcing ensures the proper running of systems and data protection.

Technological advancements and market competition have made outsourcing services a norm in many industries. Delegating important duties and tasks to a third part is scary. Nonetheless, there is nothing to fear about when hiring the right people.

It is good to do due diligence on the IT service provider companies that offer outsourcing services before striking a deal with any. Recommendations and referrals from acquaintances, friends, and professional platforms are the best way to get a good team to outsource service from.