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11 Benefits of Electric Car Charging Stations

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

We all know electric vehicles are the future for clean energy and our planet. Websites like ny-engineers.com explain how traditional vehicles can impact our air quality in a harmful way. Not to mention, the damage it can do to your health and eventually your wallet. Fossil fueled vehicles are slowly declining in popularity because of the downfalls. One of the very few holdbacks to investing in smart car vehicles is the fact they require a charging station. That is why, we will be discussing the benefits of electric car charging stations:

1. Never visit a gas station again!

Source: Simply Car Buyers

Never again will you have to visit a gas station for potent odoress gasoline. Instead, you can replace that inconvenience with the luxury of charging stations.

2. Cut your fuel bill in half

Source: Forbes

Though electric vehicles are an investment to begin with, the clean energy and cheapness in charging does pay off. It’s actually about half the cost as a tank of gas is. The figuration: Electricity usually costs $0.11 cents per kWh to travel around at least 100 miles. The cost per mile is $0.04 cents. If electricity were to cost that $0.11 and if you needed to charge for 70 miles, the total cost would be around $2.64 for a complete chargement. In the long run, this can be the more affordable “green” option.

3. Emission reduction

Source: RAC

By pursuing the electric vehicle route and staying committed to charging stations, you are committed to emission reduction for our environment which means that you are creating better earth. In fact, if you switch to electric vehicles, it can reduce your carbon footprint by up around 50 percent.

With carbon emission reductions, you are looking to help lower the sea levels, lower the temperatures with climate change, help abnormal weather conditions, decrease the intensity of natural disasters, decrease the changes of smog and acid rain.

4. The practical route

Source: Government Technology

Though we see gas stations on every corner, the world is getting more accustomed to charging stations. In bigger cities and even more in rural areas, we see that they are adapting to the clean energy routes. There are 20,000 charging stations across the nation. It’s growing by the day!

In some areas, charging stations may be more convenient than gas stations themselves. Which they would have to because of the growth in sales. In 2017, 200,000 electric vehicles were sold that year. Which results in most hotels, parking decks, town squares, theme parks, regular parks, lakes, snd stores. More and more businesses are investing in the charging station which can help the consumers with their electric fueling needs.

5. You may be opened up to opportunities

Source: Realtor.com

The fact that businesses are adapting to smart car charging stations means that whenever parked and conserving energy. You are most likely surrounded with new options like hotels, stores and different cities or towns. This can open up your opportunities to explore new things.

6. It’s fun!

Source: Locanda della Valle Nuova

Overall, it’s fun to know that something as small as changing from fossil fueled cars to electric cars can save the environment from many heartbreaks. Every time you plug in your electric vehicle, you can be reminded of the small but mighty helpful service you are committing.

7. Solar charging stations

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some charging stations are solar powered. These are usually for certain clean energy brands but they still create the purest energy from the sun to fuel your electric car.

8. Helps with overall cost

Source: Independent Balkan News Agency

We know that charging stations are the cheaper fueled option. But not only your wallet do they benefit but the countries as well. If 65 percent of homes in only 10 states were converted into electric vehicles by 2050, we would have saved our country 21 billion dollars in health and fuel cost alone. Switching to charging stations rather than fuel pumps can save our world economically while environmentally.

 9. At home charging

Source: Smart Charge America

As much of a surprise that it can be, electric vehicle owners usually charge their battery at home rather than public utilities. This gives you the privacy and luxury of staying home while charging up. A study showed that 80 percent of electric car owners charged at home over a public facility.

10. Two payment options

Source: Decode

When charging publicly, you have two payment options. Credit/Debit cards and the Electrify America App. Electrify America App is a software that is a virtual payment. If you decide this way of paying, the first subscription will cost you a minimum of $1 and also a per minute charging fee. The second subscription only costs $4 per month but it has a lower charging per minute fee.

11. With the right battery, it can take hardly no time to charge!

Source: California Energy Commission Blog

There are some batteries that are time consuming. Like Level 1 electric cars with 120 volts in power can result in around 6-10 hours of charging. Level 2 with 204-240 volts of power can result in around 1-3 hours of charging. Those can seem like long lengths of time. Thankfully there is an option for people who seem to be more on a time crunch. The DC fast charging vehicle has 480 volts of power and only has to take 30 minutes of charging for a full battery. Though they are usually more of an investment, they can save you time. Which in most cases, time is money.


There are upsides and downfalls to charging stations. However, covering the benefits, investing in an electric car may be too hard to resist. In the future, electric cars will rise so high in popularity and in demand that it may outshine old fossil fuel cars. This gives us opportunities for charging stations to expand and even give us better charging and battery capacity options. Overall, electric cars can be one of the best “green” investments to pursue.