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All About Mizz Natural

I’m a native of Chicago IL, I just started the modeling thing Only been in it just a few months… I am single=), my measurements are 33-27-48… My face is my favorite part of my body I like it over the frame my body compliments my face not the other way around lol… I would not date a guy I met off the internet we would have to have met in person you just can’t trust everything you see off the internet these days… and its just something about seeing a person that makes you want to get to know them a little more its the physical vibe you get…=) I do hope to get a lot of exposure internet wise, doing mag spreads and covers, I wanna do movies and hosting events, Videos are always a plus, I’ve always wanted to design so hopefully this could get me in a little of that… Umm In 5years I see myself have done accomplished a couple of things and more comfortable as far as living and makin money its hard work and nothing happens over night but I do expect to be well known 5 years from now=) Rudeness, Bad Breath & Frontin is a definite turnoff… My motto is don’t talk about it be about it… I live on the edge I’m like NIKE… “JUST DO IT” Swagger, great personality, and piercing eyes is a turn on…lol My personality is cool not too bubbly but sweet, I’m real mellow and I keep a lot of will-power,motivation & self-respect… I don’t know what other models want out of the game so the question is irrelevent…lol all I know is what I want money, respect, exposure, reaching my goals, meeting a lot of peolple and to just have fun doing it…What makes me se*y…=) well I got a combination of things my smile,my personality,the way I speak and all the life the lies in my eyes makes me the se*y ass Mizz Natural that I am….As far as wifey material of course I’m that all though I’m not ready for that I’m just 20… but I’m a very family oriented person and I do have morals and I know I have what it takes to keep my man happy, raise a family and keep it together of course I cook and clean and keep my self up….Yeah someones gonna be a very happy guy in the future…lol You stayed tuned wit ya girl and see more at: www.myspace.com/mizznatural817 & www.twitter.com/MIZZNATURAL & www.worldstarhiphop.com For bookings Contact Me at 817-903-0166 or mizznatural@gmail or [email protected] Mmmmmuah!