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Benefits of Adopting Instead of Buying a Pet

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Dogs are the most amazing creation of God who loves their owner more than themselves, and dogs are faithful and intelligent animals. For their upbringing, they need to have a good and safe home. Every dog on the planet deserves love and good life as the earth is not only just for humans but also of the animals and dogs are one of the animals that are in abundance, or we can say that the world has a lot of population of dogs which does not have a permanent house and have to live on streets and have to face the hardships of the life. The little innocent souls have to face such big hardships at such a short age.

Many puppies and adult dogs or cats have nothing to eat and still sleep with a starving stomach, and even don’t have a full one meal a day. They have to search for food in the dustbins and fill their stomachs.

This is the condition of many animals in the world, and this shows how even though the world has changed, the animals still do not have one meal of the day, but you can change this, you can change the scenario and can give a forever and safe home to an innocent soul which might be facing many hardships which he might not know how to overcome from them and by being adopted by you it can completely change his life.

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Adopting a dog or any kind of animal is not just a social responsibility but also a must thing as almost 70% of people love to have pets and basically have a companion that can help to be their buddy and can help to be in a good mood all the time and buying pets is not a good thing as it basically put pressure on adult dogs to give birth to certain dogs which indirectly is not a good thing to do to an animal.

Many pros show that adopting pets is much more suitable, and it apparently should be done instead of buying pets as they cannot be bought. Just like human beings cannot be bought the same as animals cannot be bought. The animals are innocent, faithful and just want a good life and affection from us in return, and if you can save a life just by adopting, then what else do you need in life as you will get a companion and you will be a good human being.

Some significant benefits of adopting instead of buying

Saying no to animal cruelty:

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When you are buying a dog, you may be being a part of animal cruelty as the breeding mills or, being more precise, the ‘breeding factories’ does not care about female dogs’ health conditions and they are forced to give birth to babies so that they can sell them in any price they want. Female dogs are kept in isolated cages, and the breeder really doesn’t care about how the mother dog is feeling as they see them as just a machine who gives birth to younger ones and when they are no longer profitable for them, the female dogs are discarded or either abandoned, sold or even sometimes killed. So by buying animals, you are forcing the female dogs to give birth to babies even when they don’t have the potential of lactating or giving birth to puppies.

You are a good human being and an environmentally responsible person:

As mentioned above, so many animals live such a harsh life that they don’t deserve it. Everyone in the world has the right to live a good and happy life, but on the other hand, the dogs that gave birth and live on the roads do not usually get a forever home, resulting in dogs accidents, animal cruelty, and even death of the animals. If you are saying no to buying pets, you are indirectly saving animals from harsh cruelty and also, by adopting the pets, you are becoming a responsible person and also a good human being.

If you adopt a dog, you might need to get some of the essentials for them, and you can find it on goodpuplife.com as they will provide you with all the important things you might need after adopting your companion.

You can pick your own companion:

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There are many rescue centers or shelters where the dogs who have faced human cruelty or maybe earlier were sick. The shelters and rescue groups always help dogs and try to give them a good and happy life. If more and more pets or animals get adopted, it will be easier for them to treat the new dogs that are facing hardships and need proper medication and shelter.

As they have limited space, they can’t help the dogs as there are already many dogs waiting to become the companion of their future owners. These dogs are more eager to be a part of your life as they have already seen the hardships, but they want to be loved and get affection from their owner.

You get well-trained dogs:

Nowadays, many shelters or NGOs train the dogs or have the dogs who have been abandoned by a person but were trained and well vaccinated and only because of some reasons they leave their dogs on the streets as they do not find them loving after some time.

They usually treat them as a thing which they can throw away when they do not find it any more adorable or lovely. Usually, the shelter homes for NGOs train the dogs as needed and want their dogs to be smart enough and well trained about some important things.

You are saving a life:

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If you check out the data about how many animals go through human quality or end up dying in certain weather conditions because they do not have a proper place to sleep on or even sit on, and sometimes they don’t even get a single meal of the day. Animals also deserve a good home and happy life, but for that, people have to be the ones to take the first step and adopt them. There are many rescue groups or shelters, but they do not have enough space to keep thousands of animals, and they want the dogs to get their safe home where they are loved and taken good care of so that they can save more lives and by adopting them you are also saving a life.

Final words

In a world where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind. Be kind towards all living creatures and respect all forms of life. It might be tempting to purchase a puppy if you have your heart set on a particular purebred one, but if you think about it, why not give all the love you have to a less fortunate one? Purebred puppies will easily find a forever home. They are highly sought after, and families are always looking for ones to buy. On the other hand, stray dogs and puppies in shelters do not have an equally fair chance at living a happy life with humans. They often starve to death, get killed by cars, or get attacked by other animals. So share your love with those animals that need it.

However, when you decide to adopt a pet, you will find that the hard life they lived in the streets already took a toll on their health. If you adopt a dog that is ten years old or older, there is no guarantee how long it will be with you. Even puppies may have underlying health problems, which result from them sleeping in the cold without protection, eating food that is not suitable, or ingesting items that are not edible. Don’t let these things stop you from taking in an animal in need. Adopting a pet can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can ever have.

And even if they say goodbye, you can treasure their memory and help make sure they cross over the rainbow bridge in peace by creating a beautiful pet memorial that will last a lifetime. According to mittensandmax.com, the best way to honor your four-legged family member is by choosing a beautiful urn to keep their ashes or a pet memorial jewelry to keep them forever by your side.

Regardless of where they come from, pets bring enormous joy and happiness into our lives and turn our houses into a welcoming environment where selfless love prevails. The minute we choose to adopt a pet and bring them to our house, we immediately add a new family member to our home. Whether they only share a few years with us or stay with us till their old age, what matters is that we gave them a second chance at a happy life. Yes, losing a pet is painful and heartbreaking, but knowing that we gave them the best years of their lives to remember is worth it.