The G.O.O.D Music MC hit the red carpet with “Glee” bad girl Naya Rivera Tuesday night,  acting like they were a official couple.

Confirming relationship rumors that cropped up after the two were spotted together over the past few months, the couple showed off their honeymoon-phase joy at the “42” movie premiere in Los Angeles.

What do you think about Naya Rivera? You can pull out those score cards.


At Big Seans Bday party

Pics via Wireimage/Splash

  • Too plain for me,but she’s decent looking. She has no shape tho

  • Mo

    She seems more interested in the camera. I’m guessing this is a relationship to raise the profile, though they’re both cute.

  • DarnJester

    A least she ain’t a stripper or video hoe.

  • Lisa

    Naya is gorgeous!

  • Ice

    She’s too classy for him and he knows it !!!!

    • bighomie53

      Yea right!!!!!!! She’s probably a stone cold freak while you talm bout classy… She bogus to me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrienne24

    She is so naturally gorgeous and unbelievably talented! Very jealous!

  • 10 all around..seriously.

    • REX!!!

      ^^^ this dude^^^…..really??? Lol

    • Mister Mister

      You’re reaching homie lol….she ain’t gotta be all voluptuous but at least have a lil better shape

  • Pose

    Dunno about her personality, but not my taste..

  • REX!!!

    Whatever the case maybe its pussie that he wouldnt get if he wasn’t in the industry so it is what it is,I suppose

  • lnfamous ONE

    They both whack….I wouldn’t know the guy if he walked past me.

  • Big ALbert

    She like a 8. I’m not attracted to her at all though. She’s a little too plain and not curvy enough for my taste.

  • E-Dub

    She reminds me of John Legends girl.

  • BullnBearHP


  • DarkAssKnight

    she prolly has a tight butthole

    • lnfamous ONE

      No thanks…and this niggah above gay as fuk

  • MoorMilitant

    Man this n1gga done came up. Way too classy for you project niccas to grasp. Leave then donks at the hoe telly and breast bars. Bring this one out for the Red Carpet when you need to ball.

  • C

    atleast she got talent…. and probably a tight butthole/ G.O.O.D. pussay too

    • MoorMilitant

      My dude…. Smh

  • ginoBrown

    She alright, but with all the references 2 big a**es in his songs u would think that he would have scooped up something a lil thicker…but like ol boy up top said they probably together just 2 raise profile

  • 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU)

    Thats the girl in the m&ms commercia,l i love that commercial lol!! she is a 9.8 and after she has a kid or gets older she probably will fill out morre and be a perfect 10..she needs to dump that clown dont waste your time with any of these *bends wrist* rappers ..put 2 and 2 together remember kanye said he is god and big sean always says oh gawd in a funny way in all songs mmmhmm

  • blizzy

    pass on the plain jane …. no donk , no thighs i’m lost

  • crabapples

    no hips, no azz, tons of makeup… whatever. i’d smash tho.

  • tha fucc she wit this coon ass nugga 4 smmfh