From what I seen Tahiry’s donk is the star of this show. Exes Tahiry and Joe have some unfinished business and are trying to redefine their friendship while dealing with interference from Joe’s “best friend” and trouble maker Raqi Thunda. Rich and Erica have taken their relationship to a new level and Yandy has deals with her expanding family.

Tahiry watching the show NSFW

  • I damn sure wish I was watching the show with Tahiry…..Daaaamn!!!!. She is the reason I’ll be watching this craziness….and possible Kaylin Garcia sightings LOL

  • queso (The Corp)

    I see Shorty all the time and that donk is looking extra crazy on tv for some reason.

  • Tim

    Yeah, Tahairy looking good no lie, but she came off hood as hell. She selling that booty with every scene. Specially, when she went too talk with the broad about Joe.

    The azz look good, but if she sink to rat level, which is just below the hood mark she showed last night, I won’t be tuning in that much.

    Plus, some of those exchanges seemed staged. Butt models look better when thy not talking.

  • Playboy69

    Tahiry is cool…. BUT RASHEEDA can get it!…LOL!


    good job Hahz on that pic. keep me posted.

  • jamar

    joey lookin funny wit that beard.

    • Bob

      Indeed. Dude look like a clown. Sh*t is too trimmed and edged out.

  • Ricky Fontane

    Her homegirl is thicker than cold grits too! RIP to that grey dress she had on.

  • Candle

    That was not cool. Not cool at all how dude treated his friend R. It got worse when she was manhandled out. Hope she has a good lawyer. And yes, she has every right to speak, she wasnt “turnt up”,(T was the one “turnt up”!!) she was just tryin to defend herself. Dude through her under the bus. A man with integrity wouldnt play his friend against his lady anyway … I guess dude and T should be perfect for each other then .. (not smh)