“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada finally attended the prom twenty years after from high school.

A few months ago, a high school senior from Bloomfield, Michigan reached out to the VH1 star on Twitter and threw up a Hail Mary by asking her to be his date to the prom.

Shockingly, Lozada ACCEPTED thinking it would be a fun experience particularly because she never went to her own high school prom because she was pregnant at the time.

Evelyn’s young date Anthony was quite the Romeo and even bought Evelyn’s corsage.

She took care of the rest paying for transportation (in a Denali) and a fancy dinner plus, she paid for her own plane ticket out from L.A according to TMZ.

We’re told the two had a great time with Evelyn dancing her face off the entire night, Anthony didn’t smash at the end of the night but he still had a ball.

  • queso (The Corp)

    Lol that’s wassup man…she like them youngins…imagine u a HS kid Rollin up wit her at the prom…good for her for having a ball n making it a nice nite for the kid.

    • queso (The Corp)

      I’m sure she wanted a picture of this nicca first though lol

  • Lethalrog

    LOL THATS A SHORT A$$ SENIOR….I WAS 6’3 AS A SENIOR….EVELYN IS NICEEEEE *bout to go look at her worldstar pu$$y pics again lol*

    • bob

      WTF? You don’t have to be a certain height to be a senior in high school. Are you stupid?

  • blizzy

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ev got that serious backyard space …. wonder if he got a wicked grind off that

  • President Ward

    Dayummmmmm she so fine! I give dude mad props!

    Wolfpack Inc.

    • Mister Mister

      She is definitely badd, I give props where it’s due….just her personality is a turnoff

  • missmina

    handsome lookin yung man..


    A young eekman would have tried to make a move or something.


    • too_funny

      NICCA what the HELL !!!! …..are your doing putting up fukkin cheese faces after your comments?

      This a grown man show, leave that shyt for the gays and the youngs.

      • lazarus

        +1, lol

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Didn’t know she had a backyard like that. That’s really nice of her.

  • truthspeaker

    This dudes life will never be the same, he might not even graduate now lol, bc this chick is bad luck. I still would’ve asked her for some Ocho Cinco lol.

    • queso (The Corp)

      Lmao that’s fuc#ed up

    • KutDawg

      +1 And, if she ain’t give him no pu$$y, I feel like she wasted his time.

      • too_funny

        @kutdawg … naw homie so what if he aint smash he about to get much pvssy from the chics at school.

        • KutDawg

          Naw, he won…I’m sayin SHE should have gon’ and gave lil homie sumthin…let him rub on the coochie or sumthin!

          • 1luv

            LOL, man you a fool for that one.

  • too_funny

    coolest shyt I seen done in a while.

    • queso (The Corp)


    • presto 2.5

      cooler than @FBI’s disappearing cucumber trick?…lol

      whatup @Bummy


      • too_funny

        lmao @presto, aint shyt my nicca

        wassup @queso

        • Realtalkin

          agreed @too_funny

  • Mr Nice Guy

    LMAO @ the look on Dad’s face!! DAMN SON!

    • too_funny

      right….im sorry but if I was his pops i would have been sleeping on the couch that night bc wifey would have been made at me.

      snappin ass pics, posing with her, and trying to get my feel on

  • lazarus

    much better frame than i thought. (she got a$$). lil man’s stock just gained 1000 points. He’s a legend at school now. LMAO Evelyn did kill it in that red dress, tho. Pops like” thats a grown ass woman, son you got condoms”. LMAO

  • RED(Corp)

    She fine as f$#%#……look way better than her daughter imo