Check out Trina’s homegrown nude cell phone pictures that got leaked out. She got some se*y nipples and a nice kitty cat to match the man claims she got a virus.That look like hives an allergic reaction. This fool is going to end up going to jail for extortion FEDS are all ready working on this case.

Trina Breaks Silence On Nude Cell Pictures; Enlist Help Of FBI

check out this Interview Trina did with Str8NYC before the leaked pictures were exposed!

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  • Grymm

    Whhhhhhuuuttt? I heard she had a decease a long time ago, but that was bullshit. This probably is too.

    • decease

      now u might want to do a spell check or proof read your comments before you hit submit. i never knew that someone can have a decease LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jfizzle

    Yo the crazy thing about this is I just finished having a discussion about stuff like this. I said people trippin off of the tiger woods situation, but if the script was flipped there wouldn’t be no discussion. Specifically, real nigga$ ain’t gonna put their conquest on blast for everybody. Yeah we gonna tell our homies, but we ain’t gonna write no book like some people. These fools showing pictures from some old health class rash. Notice trina’s face wasn’t in any of the pics with the rash. Crab ass dudes need to chill. I apprecitate when dudes put broads on blast for the groupie alert, but aleast when you put somebody on blast for a rash have a pic with the broads face in it.

  • Reek

    So, niggas are self-snitchin’ their blackmail/extortion attempts on WSHH, now? And how do we even know those diseased looking pics are Trina?

    • keyse

      This would be interesting if that were really her

  • faded

    it looks like a skin rash…..

  • nino brown

    yeah it look like a skin rash but damn she got a phat a$$ pu$$y

  • hatiansensation

    thats a nasty skin rash

  • Goldie

    Yo, dude that put this out there is a LAME!!! Talkin’ tuff under a disguised voice! IT’S 20TEN!!! STOP INTERNET THUGGIN’! Dude will get slumped b4 he could even spend the coin…but really, WHO CARES! SO, she butt ass, WHO CARES?!? Dudes act like they’ve never seen bunz b4!

    AND…if she does have a rash or disease…again…WHO CARES?!? Wasn’t none of us in line to smash her next so F*CK IT!

  • Motown318

    Trina is looking mighty fine in those pics until that rash pops up. I agree, dude is lame as hell for putting that shit out.


    Trina was the victim of theft recently, as the Diamond Princess’ cell phone was stolen and personal pictures she snapped on the device, including nude images, were leaked online.
    The Miami rapper told MTV News on Monday (March 1) that her phone was taken during the BET Hip-Hop Awards in October and the criminal has attempted to shake her down for hush money
    “[The images are] me on a very upset day — I think I was in Canada, upset crying,” she explained. “Just personal stuff. Photos in the studio. I think [one] was me having an allergic reaction, breaking out. I just think it was my personal stuff and for someone to do that is so, so wrong. So now I’m actually having it looked into by the FBI and it’s gonna be a bigger situation that just leaked photos. Hopefully we can deal with the situation and put an end to it.”
    Trina admitted she took some racy photos of herself, however all the images that appeared on various sites aren’t from her phone. The rapper said whoever stole the images also placed some photos that are not her in an attempt to sensationalize the set. In addition to a few of the nude images, Trina said some of the photos are clean images of her at birthday celebrations, her with friends and an image of her fresh from a facial.
    The set also contains several of Trina holding up her arm, which appears to have a rash of some sort, and she explained those pictures were taken in order to show her doctor — the rapper broke out but wasn’t sure what was causing the ailment.
    “I don’t recall being allergic to anything, but obviously, yeah [I am],” she said. “I was in the studio recording for a couple of days and just starting having breakouts. And my doctor said you’re allergic to shellfish or makeup bronzer.”
    Her doctor, she said, diagnosed her with Urticaria, which essential is hives and has since gone away.
    Trina’s leaked nude photos follow similar situations that Rihanna and Cassie had to deal with last year.
    Experts warn to think twice before taking private images on mobile devices, which can easily be lost and subject to strangers digging into your private material.