According to officiallyice here are the top 10 reasons black men prefer white women. Do you agree or disagree with this top 10 list?

10. White girls can get their hair wet. It’s summer time. Who wants to be at the pool with a girl who’s only concern is not getting her weave wet. White girls just jump in the pool without any care.

09. White girls don’t talk back. Put a little aggression in your voice and she will do whatever you say. That doesn’t fly with “other races” though. They wanna fight. Always.

08. It’s easier introducing them to your family/friends. “Everyone, this is Amber.” is WAY easier on the ears than, “Everyone, this is Shaniqua.” Just saying.

07. White girls have WAY less restrictions in the bedroom than “other races.” You can basically do whatever, wherever with them. And they’ll smile through it all.

06. White girls aren’t looking to be in a rap video. Meaning when y’all go out, she’s not looking for you to “buy out the bar” and “light the club up with sparklers.” She doesn’t care about any of that Sh*t. She just wants her drinks and music.

05. White girls have no problem spoiling their men with gifts. The LOVE that Sh*t! It’s an ego boost for them. (See Kim Kardashian’s birthday present to Kanye? Ok then.)

04. White girls don’t give you as many headaches as “other races.” There’s no nagging, complaining, and other annoying ass behavior. No running through your phone and wanting to know who “such and such” is.

03. White girls cater to and love to take care of their men. Cooking? No problem. Cleaning? No problem. Anything else you want? No problem.

02. You ever receive head from a white girl? I rest my case.

01. White girls are just more FUN. There’s no other way to put it. If you just want to have fun without any of the negative Sh*t, get you a white girl.

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  • libra

    This is disgusting racial stereotyping against black & white women… as well as being crudely sexist. No self respecting female of any race will ever be impressed by your judgemental, idiotically vile opinions. Real women do not like ANY other women to be disrespected. You are a silly little man…. real men will look down on you and treat you with the contempt you deserve.

    • The Flying Monkey

      It’s a joke article. He (it?) is just winding everyone up. So; Ignore, Delete, Chill. Love & peace to all.

  • That white girl

    This is a load of crap. Totally racist and stereotypical, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • whitegirl101

    If you think because you date a white woman your going to be problem free you are sadly mistaken,things are not what they always seem.Black men stop delusional.

  • whitegirl101

    The average white woman i am around on a regular basis arent interested in black men and think they are disgusting.They talk crap about black men how they would not date them.You are freakin idiots and dont believe it.

  • ggikok

    I don’t agree with the one about the cooking.They want do a alot of cooking,when it comes to cooking get a black girl for that.


  • Dave

    I have a black gf and let me lay it down for you

    During summer she drags me into the pool after hat, after which I get to rub lotion on those firm long legs right up to her plump, sweet ass.

    I got a cook book a few months ago and she cooks me something new every day (the way to a mans heart…)

    Ok, you think white girls do freaky things in the bedroom? With each black girl I’ve been with, I just suggested the more kinky stuff and they jumped at the chance to do it!

    White girls suck like cleaning vacuums, black girls suck like the vacuum of space!

    The fact is, black girls get a bad rap because of black men, I have had wild, loud and confrontational black women, a few lovely dates, some kinky sex etc… And they’ve gone from vicious tigers to affectionate kitties.

    The thing about black girls is, if you treat them reasonably (as best as you can considering your job and finances) they will be loving, loyal and caring, if you shit-talk them and call them trash like black men do, then they’re gonna be loud and confrontational

    Congrats black guy, you pissed off your own women and instead of trying to fix it you just decide to take girls from a people who have always treated them right

  • When black men say-> White girls have WAY less restrictions in the bedroom than “other races.” You can basically do whatever, wherever with them. And they’ll smile through it all. THIS JUST TELL ME THAT WHITE WOMEN ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST WHORES IN THE WORLD! (THINK ABOUT IT.)

  • BIG

    I think this is partly right and partly wrong. Numero Uno es horribly wrong no one race is funner it depends on the girl. Numero Dos I personally prefer head from a black girl. I can’t speak for all because I’m from Detroit (look up the city if you don’t know about it) but black girls kinda like bumping heads. A little argument and bickering. It can be sexy but I’m more chill and with white girls I can just talk and be cool without the constant arguing. They are both equally kinky though. Oh and black girls buy their men stuff too. I know this high school student who bought her boyfriend a Playstation 4 they day it came out.

  • Flava

    Its about control. Black dudes know they can use and walk all over a white girl. They met their match with a sista. No way they can get away treating them like that.

  • Ken

    This was CLEARLY written by a black female…

  • Mecca

    Numbers 4 is bullshit, all women nag. And to number 9 all I have to say is… Asian women

  • gee

    Cooking, and intimacy= 0
    Catering and buying things for a man
    Anyone can do that like people that already does thar!! If this post is about promiting white women to black men, the guy might accept them while on the side flirting with a blavk woman because they don’t like easy women thats controlled soo easily , they like independent black women , the glowing flawless ageless skin, natural plumped butt, their soul, they sing dance braid do hair, so ill say, nada!!! Nice try though!!

  • Megan

    So black men have a thing for us white girls? hmm interesting.

    • dan


  • Mr_PlowingtonJRthe3rd2u

    Wow… all that dude did was provoke a bunch of “other raced” women to have a slaughter sesh on all the “Mileys”, and stroke away on that ego of their “other race”. It’s funny… See, because I’m not a f*****g idiot, I can deduct for myself that when he refers to “other races”, he’s implying that of his own, or that of which he is speaking for.
    Otherwise it would/could/should be referred to just as is… other races! No qoute marks!! No implications, just a statement.

  • Mr_PlowingtonJRthe3rd2u

    Oh. And Kim K isn’t F*****g White. Idiots! She’s Armenian-American. Know facts before you publicize stupid opinions! Because at this point… I’m not seeing intellegence to consider them as actual (product of brain) thoughts!

    IF YOUR not stupid n Racist… here’s the skinny on everything you’d neex on this page.

    A) a lrg majority of BLK men enjoy havng hkups/sex WHT wmn bcz–>Not Dominant in nature(typcly), and they slobYOknob. Where as stereotypcl BLK wmn—> Haha gd luck, son!! Ha

    B) WHT wmn —> look to satsfy partnr often in many satsfctry ways(presents/givng head/ect).

    C) BLK wmn —-> typcly more domineering, aggressve physcl nature, and stronger minded and opinionated

    D) BLK men do not appear to be nearly as eager to commit time, or engage in a relationshp w WHT wmn outside of the bedroom.
    E) However domineering, or opinionated BLk wmn may be… BLK men seem to trust n prefer their BLK wmn for the roles such as wives, mothers to their chldrn, and motivators/disciplinarians of the “pack”, or “family”.

    Apparently most Blk guys gotta cycle through about 2 to 3 white woman in their lifetime. It could be 1-1-1 periodically, or 1,1-1, 1—1-1, but never 111… “thats a 4some, ladies… try it sumtime!”

  • jonny

    White guy here – Where did yo meet this white girl? 10 is true, they’re overall more open than other races in regard to swimming, getting naked, that kind of thing. That’s just a fact – no need to argue. 9 – white people in general don’t argue because we were raised to communicate, not yell needlessly, so yeah, you intimidated her because white guys don;t feel the need to get aggressive with women. 8 I’m not touching. 7 yeah, you’re definitely right. the only thing is, you better deliver the big O or she’ll look elsewhere quickly. 6 most white girls aren’t that impressed with big spending as long as you have a steady job and provide comfort/ security. They know flashy people o through their money fast. 5,4,3 – uh, again, what white girl is that? Don’t nag?

  • Estafador

    jeez, I’m black but this makes it sound like we have an obsession with quiet women who just do what we say and want and don’t have a voice. I prefer a little bit of an opinion from her, even argue or else NO woman will work for me. I don’t want a human robot, no matter what the racial affiliation.

  • Denetria Baker

    BS! I know white women who date black men that do talk back, nag, and go looking through their man’s phone. Some of them will delete your stuff. Not all black women wear a weave. I’m all natural with nothing fake on my body. I don’t even wear makeup. My daughters and I jump in the pool with no problems. I don’t know what kind of women these men been dealing with, but they chose them. This sounds like a bunch of black women stereotypes to me.