Teena Marie’s Daughter Alia Rose Homefessional Pics

· September 11, 2011

The late great singing legend Teena Marie, who never wed, gave birth to a daughter in 1991, named Alia Rose who is 20 yrs old now . Alia Rose sang under the name Rose LeBeau. She is going to be a problem in these streets in a couple years.

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  1. Red says:

    She Fine As Hell

    Correct Me If I’m Wrong do I detect some Black in her?

  2. Fool Me Never says:

    I always suspected that Rick James was her father

  3. B STRAIT UP says:

    she’s a young lil cutie! Need to see more pics of her body tho. Is she mixed @hahz??? Who did teena marie have a child wit……..was it RICK JAMES BITCH!!!!!

  4. badass08 says:

    yea she has 2 mixed kids but not by Rick James

  5. badass08 says:

    btw Alia used to be skinny she lookin kinda thick in these pics, nice

  6. realtalkldn says:

    yeah shes nice and will get better with age

  7. Aaron says:

    Damm, she looks just like her mother fine ass hell. Certifed dime piece.

  8. jetlifitsuks2bu says:

    She looks 16 years old. I would have to see that ID

  9. cash says:

    let me be your Rick James.

  10. jpari says:

    ima call chris hanson on you guys lol j/k
    shes a cutie

  11. lei says:

    She said in a interview that she was hooked on drugs at 14 and she kicked them. Maybe she eating now. She don’t look like Rick James kids. Who else Teena Marie messed with? This girl look like a Debarge or Lenny Kravitz daugher.

  12. jamar says:

    She looks cute in the face,really dont like the frizzy hair,and cant really tell what the body looks like in these weak pics.

  13. Hood Prophet says:

    This is some fertile soil that a real nigga like me would love to plant his seeds in…..Probably would make a really nice complexion

  14. true blackman says:

    she looks good

  15. gphi says:

    Not a bad looking young lady. PEACE!!!

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