Model Sultry Simone goes stupid and makes her own Big Sean “Dance” (A$$) homegrown video making her donk do the hammer time. Other then the lighting and the quality of the video I have no complaints. Thoughts?

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  • F. B. I. (female body inspector)

    Didn’t see the video.

    • queso

      @FBI u on that evo son? U better hope on a PC n see what its hittin for.

      • **FBI voice**”Naw I got a star-tac” lol

        • queso

          @B LMAO…I was thinkin about that phone recently..u couldn’t tell me shit. Had like that light blue lettering and numbers on the like what’s ya number mami whippin out my star tac lol

          • **FBI opens Christmas gift**” whoa….a new 2way pager…aww hell yeah,thanx #teamchocolate yall keep fresh”..LOL

          • moorfedayeen

            Awwwww man u took it back with that Star Tac. Didn’t even know whatchu was talkin about at first. I had one in highschool and I was the man! Far as this she did this to combat Maliah and in some ways this vid is better. She dumb phat. Low quality vid though. Damn


      Top 3,draft pick n my opinion n her as is PHATTER than a mothaf*cka,but she is 1twinkie away from bein a biggirl she need to lose a couple lbs real talk

  • Scola

    First and four most id like thank Hahz for this video the best that was ever posted on here hands down!!

    • **maliah voice**” @scola boy hell naw,u just saw my video the other day. I kill simone easily”…LOL

      • yea she not in maliah league. maliah the queen of dance vids.

        • Exactly @slim,some fool gon say lastarya….Wtf!! *shrugs*

          • I’m STILL the PRINCE!!


  • Lol she can’t dance but she do got a donkasaurus!!! Dear big sean re-do that weak azz video and put a chick in there that actually has some azz azz azz sultry simone or my boo boo wankeago. What’s up with them big azz panties sultry wearing lmao….its all good tho

    • bighomie53

      Those not panties i think that’s a one-piece..

    • queso

      @B agreed

  • Scola

    That a$$ on her right here is something special. That’s all genetics. Total package right here a$$ and face. IDK how her dancing skills are

  • trap101

    Portia who???????………………..sorry @B Straight, Portia’s gonna have to start bringing some substance to the table, Simone’s been bringing it…

    • Tim

      @Trap, we don’t want to upset some folks on here with the contest that went down a 4 to 5 months ago that Simone won, but ain’t trying to start nothing!

      I will let others who remember it, and can start it off just a bit better then me!

      Simone, Simone, come play with bone.

    • Stop it @trap,she ain’t bringing nuthin different than what she usually do(no hate) LOL. Do is her azz real or not???

      • bighomie53

        @B,, It’s real g you see that celly jelly plus everything goes together, thighs, hips & a** looks authentic to me… portia who???

        • @big homie, lol oh u know who portia is…..the top dog of ans!!!

        • queso

          “In my Alozon from training day voice…at the end when he was shot and spitting and shit” SULTRY AIN’T GOT SHIT ON P…..SHE RUN THIS MUTHASUCKA! Y’ALL HERE ME GOT DAM IT…lol

          • bighomie53

            @queso & @B Strait,, Y’all know y’all wanna see Portia get a lil more spicier with the pics & videos like Maliah & Simone, instead of her just standing in dressing rooms showing only her bottom half!!! Even tho i enjoy Beauty P as some of our elite eye-candy that bottom half thing is weak as hell compared to s*** like this…

          • LOL @big homie

          • queso

            “Suckin my teeth at Big Homie “

        • faze

          portia winning her name brung up in chicks post when its not even about her i know her ears be ringing portia not even a model no more lmao

    • queso

      @TRAP Sultry got a big ass no doubt! But that’s all it is is a big ass! She ain’t got that UMMMMPH..u know what I’m saying?? Maliah ass ain’t that big but Maliah got that walk them thighs that sexiness! Sultry got a big ass n that’s it kid…ain’t nuttin special here.

    • bighomie53

      @trap,, I agree Simone give a n**** exactly what he wanna see almost every time unlike some other wannabe eye-candy models/dancers.. Also she wasn’t scared to let that one-piece ride all up in that big ol booty either, these other chicks would’ve kept tryna dig em out instead of staying focused just poppin that a**!!!


      @Trap,pleeeeez don’t get b bstrizzle started lol..

      • LOL..its cool Rex

      • trap101

        oh i ain’t sayin Portia can’t body her, but Portia doesn’t drop this type of spicy content. Now if she was then there would be no discussion from me. @B Strizzy u gotta go holla at the figure head of the BP Corp to drop some booty-clappin super freaks type ish.

      • trap101

        Now don’t get it twisted< I think Portia can body this girl, but she needs to drop some of that booty-clappin' super freak type material. @B Strizzy, Holla at the figure head of the BP Corp maaayynne.

        • faze

          @trap101 your girl portia not even a model no more and i think portia has to much class for shit like this why do it when she dont have to

      • JJ

        yea Portia aint gonna drop videos like this, she trying to get videos taken down on sites of her Show mag shoot so i doubt she make something like this

        • She asked for us to take the video down to

    • PAC

      OH! It hurts to say this but I TOTALLY Agree! Ass undenieable!!!!

  • Tim

    True, very true, she can’t dance much, but once that vid gets to the 1:56 mark and that leg goes up it a wrap! She is official! Bad as a Murtherphucker!

    Sure she thickened up a bit, but it’s the good thick!

    Can’t wait to read the hater comments.

    Dudes that say she ain’t bad just go to your kitchen and take your eyes out with a butter knife!

  • iamme85

    who cares if she cant dance, Ms Simone Comes finally gave us a real look at that A$$. she need to lay off the make up a little takes away from hr natural beauty, but who cares that Donk is what matters

    • queso

      I think she need to lay off them twinkies too cus she bout 10lbs away from lookin a lil sloppy………BPCORP

      • iamme85

        i agree, she gonn have to stay in that gym if she wanna get on the maliah level… she needto lay off that popeyes she been sultry remind of big booty big girl that lost her stomach and kept the a$$

        • queso

          Exactly lol


        Queso,I jus said the same shhh above I totally agree she better enjoy her golden years now cuz when she get ova 35 she gon b fat as hell wit or without children WATCH

        • queso

          @REX LMFAO yea I didn’t even see ur comment…but yea man we right. I means its all fun and games right now but idk man.

  • Co0oJay

    Where is the video??? Link please

  • Chi-trillz

    Got dayyyyum!…shes a horrible dancer lol…she dances waaay better in my fantasies!…guess nobodys perfect lol…but all honesty tho shes a 10…better than maliah, better than rosa, portia, lastarya etc

    • Playboy69

      I CONCUR!… SULTRY SIMONE IS A THANKSGIVING FEAST!…them other girls you name are POP TARTS!…LOL!

  • huhuh

    wack. the cam was pointed 2 high so we aint c no legs. it was mad dark. it was like she was dumb far away 2. maliah killin em wit her smut azz vids. simone n the rest em needa take notes. she flava jus nt her best wrk. boo tomatoes try again

  • Matt Demon

    1:50 is AWESOME!!!


    This right here is proof of a higher power

  • lmug

    This woman is a damn dream, LORD HELP!!!! I LOVE IT

  • MisterMidas

    Three letters…OMG!! I used to wonder if that ass was real, no question in my mind that thang is AUTHENTIC!! Good Lawd, when she threw that leg up, it was over for me! Top 3 easy now…if she didnt look so funny, not ugly, but just kinda “different” in the face, she might be #1. But got damn the Lord has blessed this woman right here!!

  • Downbydariver

    Overrated…. dem worldstar candy hip hop hoes mizz natural, pink passion, cubana lust, nona malone, soleil, tia simone, cherries killin her dis hoe aint shakin dat azz wirth a damn…

    • Uh oh the #teamchocolate members gon be at u sir LOL

  • Scola

    You need to go back Downbydariver for them comments Mann shorty right here small waist fresh face lovely A$$ a brother couldnt ask for nothing else!

  • Infamous

    I really don’t know what most of U cats R talkin’ about, if U’ve ever had a @ss this phat in Ur life then U would know that this broad is truly something else. As an @ss man, I have to say that I’m in love…that @ss is hardcore. If the pu$$y is as good as that @ss looks…need I say more?

  • Two more bites at IHOP an that bitch gone be phat as fuck

  • King Jaffe Joufer

    she need to tone up and start hittin that gym

  • d

    she needs to give worldstarhiphop a call!!

  • Cold and Hot

    She in my top 2!

  • jake

    She can get it!

  • realtalkldn

    shes got a nice big fat ass, an average face. she’s great fun now but if she dont curb them eating habits shes gon blow up real soon

  • jpari

    i have a picture of before the enhacements she looks good though but a bad dancher
    i like how natural it looks

    • TC

      that’s right Jpari call them out and i’m wondering if she’s even dancing to the same song if so boooooooo i know it’s cut and chopped but d* rhythm please lol and some of you have the nerve to put that oompah loompah meatball and Maliah on the same level shame on ya’ll blinded by the a*

  • carter71185

    why is one of her ass cheeks bigger then the other ?

    • Will

      One cheek is closer to the camera, the other is furthwer away…lol…

  • JJ

    For f sake man, she needs to get some freakin light in the room or something. Get a friend who got a pro cam and make a hot video, stop with this no light cant see crap videos damn

  • Playboy69


  • TBag

    purple isnt working

  • Blacq404

    hit the gym shawty she got too much going on..anybody can get fat—TONE IT UP!!!

  • Will

    I was wonderin’ when the site would get around to posting this vid…I’ve been checkin’ it out for a week now!! I agree with some on her dance skills…she don’t have the left cheek, right cheek control I like to see, but she do know how to rotate the hell out dat big ol thang and would still get that manhood up on the dance floor…not sure why some dudes are swearin’ its real based on the vid???

    • @Will, ans aka booty university LOL *hahz voice*” we have the top bootyoligist in the country” LOL smh

  • That video is sick. I was thinkin bout reposting it on here a few days ago when I saw it on youtube, but I was like naw. I’m sure hahz got this one in the oven already

  • Southwest

    Shout out to whoever hitting that, but I swear I could do better.

  • nacious


  • faze

    simone you a bad mutha sucka but stay in the gym

  • Body Niice I’ll Give Her That But For Some Odd Reason, Vid Still Strikes Me As WEAK….

  • Jeremy

    Just down right AMAZING….