We have another homefessional pose down with Sultry Simone, Cubana Lust, Cat Washington, Secret Moneii, Tammy Torres & Maliah Michel inside. Cubana is making a come back this year.Cat Washington was in the Atl last week for the celebration of Secret Moneii birthday party. Maliah Michel was in Atlanta and Detroit hosting parties. Deelishis was hitting the gym getting ready for Summer.

Who do you think looked the best?

Click here –>http://i.imgur.com/dGsBx.jpg
Click here –>http://i.imgur.com/frZgV.jpg
Click here –>http://i.imgur.com/uh8rr.jpg

Deelishis @iamDeelishis

Cat Washington

Secret Moneii @Secret215
 Secret Moneii
 Secret Moneii
 Secret Moneii
 Secret Moneii
 Secret Moneii

Tammy Torres @TammyTorres
Tammy Torres

Maliah Michel @iammaliahmichel

Sultry Simone @SultrySimone

click here –> http://i.imgur.com/7NWYl.jpg
click here –> http://i.imgur.com/HL10w.jpg
click here –> http://i.imgur.com/HpWoS.jpg

  • smoker-san

    maliah the only stripper i know that dresses classy and looks like a wifey…even tho i probably wouldnt wife cause im selfish and i dont share my toys

    • smoker-san

      sultry simone finally figure her ass looks better with pants on or have the camera real close up so no details shown…lol its a step up fro other vid

    • Blktai

      Agreed and seconded

    • Duh

      Are u serious? She dresses in cheap clothes yes she dresses covered up but that’s because she’s a stripper and spends the rest if her time taking it all off. (Maliah)

  • WHO IS REX?????

    maliah,maliah,GOT DAMN,u maliah,SHE WINS AGAIN,but daaaaam look @ deelishis shes got the phatest azz inna game BESIDES CHEROKEE, PINK N BUFFIE THE BODY

    • treydarealest1


      • MoorFedayeen

        Can’t co-sign none of that. All I can see is the $$Moneii$$

        • Ballz Deep I go

          She looks like a alien with a fat azz .

          • MoorFedayeen

            Yea I know right????? She outta this world, from another planet. Keep hating.

  • SupremeJuan

    I gotta give this one to Cubana now that she has lost weight & got fit I give it to her. Maliah Michel looks better and has nice thighs but Cubana has steped her game up and her ass bounceing skills are the bomb.I love Secrets shape but to many tatts and she looks tired in the face not to mention her grill.

  • jfizzle

    Damnn , a lot of comments going strong! 1st Cubanna has moved up my list, a$$$ been phat looking lovely! 2nd Simone what’s with the batwing tat? I aint mad at you but dammmn, stick with the lil butterfly joint on the ankle, just sayin

  • Mr Nice Guy

    I’m pulling for Secret, I know its hopeless, but she may come around. Maliah…………..one word flawless!!

  • DCAssLuva

    CAT IS PHAT!!!! damn!!! i wish she was more popular look back at that thang!!!!

    • Playboy69

      @DC…PREACH!…CAT WASHINGTON is top 5 material!…And CAT Washington Bedroom game is the best outta of all these Vixens…MORE CAT WASHINGTON PLEASE!…LOL!

  • treydarealest1

    maliah is bad there are only a few women like her scattered across the world maliah doesn’t ever have to try to out shine most broads

  • mr.p

    Im going with cubana on this.. im lol/smh at sultry. No.wonder she tries to cover up the bottom pf her ass…that ish is deformed..it looks nice from the crack up lol

    • She got that piece of nipple showin too. I aint mad at that lol…her n Maliah got this joint.

  • WHO IS REX?????

    here sultry simone @ it again on video can somebody pleeeze tell me what the hell this beach got in her azz to make it shake like jello FIX-A-FLAT??????http://www.worldstaruncut.com/uncut/45029

    • @rex it must be hydrogel just jelly don’t shake like that lol

  • LouieV

    Cat and Lust banging in this post. definitely a bite on them butt cheeks.

  • scog81

    They All Looking Good!! I’m going with Cubana,Secret Moneii & Sultry Simone. All 3 look like Major Fun in the Bedroom. Love that New Big Tat over Simone Thick Azz. DAMN!!!!!!!!!

  • DCAssLuva


    UM SHE HAS 3!! WORLDSTAR VIDS the most any other girls did was 2 nobody ever did 3 she made 3 wshh vids in less than 4 5 months she a freak and just want twitter followers like every other women that makes wshh vids TWITTER IS NOT ALL THAT they want twitter followers but dont even talk too nobody

    she must heard niggas said her a## fake she danced to a song called keep it 100 but she not keeping it 100 wit her fans about her a## lol

    she did 3 wshh vids and we cant even get portia too do 1 man!! lol

    • WHO IS REX?????

      and 1,@ dcassluva

      • Playboy69

        @DC…PREACH! Sultry Simone is a FALL FROM GRACE!…LMAO!

    • treydarealest1

      portia has class and is gorgeous she doesn’t have to take her clothes off her face and body killing these hoes thats naked lmao

      • DCAssLuva

        as fine as she is she can kill a worldstar vid in her leggins or shorts make a iphone vid a 2minute vid thats all i need no oil no shower none of that lol

  • Playboy69

    Cat Washington & Maliah are the WINNERS!…Cat Washington is get A+ WORK! Maliah is A- Work… MORE CAT WASHINGTON PLEASE!…LOL!

  • Ez Deezy

    Agreed cat wins CL got breast implants..?

    • Playboy69

      @Ez Deezy…+100000 for the CAT WASHINGTON! Cubana lust needs too get her eyebrows trim forget the breast implants…LMAO!

      • treydarealest1

        she did i peeped them new tittys smh

  • downbydariver

    Where the homie Moor @? Having a wet dream from the pics of Secret Moneii…smmfh..

  • Sohated313

    I’m loving Cat Washington swag in that first pic. She kinda hot to me, and in that pic in the party with Secret moneii is the first time i looked at girl and was like she ugly for real. She look tired as hell in them eyes.

    • Sohated313

      Cant sleep on Cubana either. Maliah aint bad lookin, but she always look the same to me. And i would be lying if i said i saw Simone in the club, and wouldnt try to walk up on her while she was shakin that ass, and tried to get that bitch to come to the crib.

    • Playboy69

      @Sohated 313…PREACH!…Now I understand why Drake fell in love with CAT WASHINGTON! cuz good guys love BAD GIRLS and CAT WASHINGTON is BAD GIRL CERTIFIED!…MORE CAT WASHINGTON PLEASE!..LOL!

  • D’mage

    Video was boring…(my @ss go @ss, fail)

    • D’mage

      @ss got @ss

  • PapiChulo

    damnnnnnn Deelishis looking righter than a biiitch

    • Yessir!

    • Ballz Deep I go

      Bet Dat!

  • Simba

    Cat wins this.

    • Playboy69

      @Simba…PREACH! Cat Washington just SLAY these FEMALES! Vintage CAT check this out http://youtu.be/haho8PlkJ80 Gotta luv this BAD GIRL!…LOL!

  • prime706

    Going by the body 1.Secret Moneii 2. cat washington 3.Maliah Michel
    4. cubana lust 5 tammy tores. let me get one thing straight maliah michel aint all that some of yall have raised the bar on her way to high she is a normal GA peach or jacksonville fl girl.

    • MoorFedayeen


    • ginoBrown

      @prime +8000

  • prime706

    my bad Deelishis could be # 1 or 2 her body is on point to.

  • Red-Caramel City Inc.

    Who Remember The Cover of Jason Goes To Hell?


    Tell me that don’t look like @Secret Moneii

  • Secret Moneii is TEAM FUGLY point guard,She can get it though…She seems like she makes up for her looks in the bedroom….Other than that Cat Washington killed this post.

  • wobeli

    Say whatchu wanna, Secret is sexy as heck. I’d smash on multiple occasions. Maliah’s looking hot, she got stylish this go round, I applaud that. Cubana in the black dress (camera flash set on ultra bright), that’s my choice right there, she’s show in some mean curves.

  • k-2

    that secret monei chick so ugly dude…..but it look like she tryin tho so I won’t be so quick to judge harshly

  • realtalkldn

    Cubana lust and Cat got this, shouts to Deelishis with her meaaaan body! Secrets body smashable. Sultry…id still smash based off the video i cant front. Maliah looking real classy and sexy here. I’d take em all. Tammy too!

  • ginoBrown

    I’m rolling with Cubana.

  • Will

    Everybod would get the Skeet! Skeet! And I’m still lovin’ my Sultry Simone…

  • kennym

    http://youtu.be/8vqOzsk9il0 ms.cat hands down

    • Playboy69

      @kennym…PREACH! Cat Washington is the WINNER! And Cat Washington is new trademark of the CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY!…gotta luv it!…LOL!

  • Cold and Hot

    I can’t front all of em lookin smashtastic in this post. Maliah been lookin sexy and classy still can see that body, that’s how I like it. Cat bad, Secret ain’t got a model face but she ain’t bad and plus that body tight and right. Deelishes and Secret built the same.

  • cadillacgrease of BP

    Maliah! strong!

    • cadillacgrease of BP

      shyt Cubana too!

  • tone

    Maliah and kat bit damn maliah is fucking beautiful

  • damnshame

    Team Cat-Dee-Maliah….Secret needs to stay a secret 4real..eww

    • realtalkldn

      lmao thats cold bruh

  • BWTiger007

    Whoa!! And Sweet Lady of perfect 10!!

  • TYBO2020


  • Frank

    I’m really liking Cat Washington right now she BADD.