Shay Johnson Is Officially Back On VH1..Love & Hip Hop of Atlanta (Pics + Video)

· July 10, 2012

Everyone was buzzing about Shay Johnson returning to VH1 as a surprise on the Love & Hip Hop of Atlanta. She made the cameo appearance of the year with a bikini scene showing all of her curves. Check out the pics and video below.

Check out the clip in case you missed Love & Hip Hop of Atlanta where Lil’ Scrappy talks to his best friend, Shay, about Stevie J cussing out Erica at K.Michelle’s showcase.

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  1. MoorThuggin says:

    TC Smuts stand up, while a pimp sits down. Chuch

  2. Any dude that has chicks..or a chick has had to watch this show at least once lol. And my time was last night. Im glad I gotta chancr to peep shay in her bikini,her body looking nice. She needs to fall back on the weave tho. Watched the show because a chick wanted to see a weak azz fight,but shay made it worthwhile…i guess lol.

    • queso BP.1 says:

      No doubt….I caught it. Its always better to see some cakes in motion whether its tv a vid or whatever…get that full effect as opposed to a pic. Cus she was lookon way more thicker than any pic I seen recently.

      • jfizzle says:

        @queso, Yo this post made my day. Yo Hahz you are the man, Shay is lookin crazy phat in that bikini, DAMNNN

        • MoorThuggin says:

          But on the real she one them types with way more thighs then a$$. You be disappointed with her back shots. Now that’s that sh1t I don’t like!

    • SCOOTYBLACK says:


      • Beyoncca says:

        Buckeey from Flavor of Love, should be ashamed. If you know Scrappy hasn’t broken things off with Erica, and told her about the two of you being together now. Then why are you on TV asking him why is he defending his baby mama to Stevie J. Buckeey had her flabby fat ass on the camera letting this prick rub lotion on her then immediately grabbed him and lead him into the house, lost on me is the purpose of sunblock, if your going straight into the house.

  3. hmm,she looking nice. she always had that thick body since the flavor of love days.

  4. Red BP Monopoly says:

    Mimi fine as hell……

    and shay is a buttahead aka what Team Choco Specializes in

    • mimi is fine..but she ain’t got no booty haha

      • Red BP Monopoly says:

        @Rasheed Dawg As long she got enough for me to grab I’m straight….She fine as hell so It wouldn’t be a deal breaker

    • 20/20 says:

      Really Red after the whole list rundown and how we forgave you for going to the dark side you still ragging on us its all good dont come crying to us when presto,trap and bstraitup wont let you progress from cleanup duty over there……. I thought shay’s body looked great but I just wanted to snatch the wig off her head and then she had a big intro like I want yall to call me shay johnson like on some im better than this buckeey title over this flava of love reality show slutbucket image just for us to see her throw herself at scrappy really pathetic and desperate looking

    • Beyoncca says:


  5. DCAssLuva says:

    i figured she might be on there i might have too watch they got some thick sistas on there shay need her own show though

  6. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

    This chic come A DIME A DOZEN,nuthin special about her but how PHAT her azz is,me and B STRIZZLE,SEE THIS SHHH ALL THE TIME ONNA SOUTHSIDE OF CHITOWN,she AIIIGHT

  7. realtalkldn says:

    she looking right for real

  8. 206dee says:

    Her body is nice & clean no tats makes it look better

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