Check out Rosa Acosta sizzling hot Show magazine Black Lingerie issue #17 spread inside.Show mag uses a lot of photoshop but these pictures still turned out good. Thoughts?




  • Every dude would smash Rosa. The pics are nice

  • this broad just can’t lose. #2 right behind my fine piece stephanie.

  • Mister Mister

    Team Fairytales….but she straight, smash & dash material

  • Realtalkin

    course I’d get at her

  • lazarus

    SMH, I want one.

  • jamar


  • Sid Hartha

    I’m not one to use the word “gorgeous” at all but it fits Rosa Acosta to a “T.” “Show Mag uses a lot of photoshop…” FINALLY! SOMEONE ACKNOWLEDGES THIS! #vindicated.