Washington Redskins fans are going absolutely crazy over rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and they should. The Redskins have not had a quarterback with this much potential since Joe Theismann joined the team in 1974.

Last night the Skins won 17-16 over the New York Giants.That makes Monday’s victory another step in the massive growth of RG3. For it didn’t matter that he set the NFL record for most rushing yards for a rookie quarterback (714), passing Cam Newton’s 706 of last season. Nor did it seem significant that his passer rating against NFC East teams is 135.3.

His Fiancee Becky Liddicoat, were spotted last week at a college football game.

  • WildWild

    ehhhhh… No.. Nice TaTa’s n a forehead, but No

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      Yea, W.W., he may be the Michael Jordan of football, but he has him an average “becky”.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Smh this n1gga done found a Becky named “Becky”

        These the type of white girls sistas complain about and I agree.

        **Cakes & Scooty** “White girls be so plain lookin to me. Idk what these self hating Negroes see..”

        • LMAO yo i was wondering about cakes like last week. where the hell she been?


          @Moor….A MESS! JUST LIKE ELIN.

        • jamar

          has anybody taken a GOOD look at RG3…

  • RG3 scored him a dime,honest talk. *sheed goes behind curtain to dodge tomatoes thrown on stage*

  • DCAssLuva

    i seen her at the heisman last year for the 1st time i couldnt wait til he get here too see the black groupies and hood ninjas think he 1 of them and he a uncle tom aka obama more than anything i was dying!!!!

    the way the ninja talk u knew he wasnt a hood ninja but dc didnt care they saw a black qb they went crazy acting like the ninja black jesus.he is not a club guy like john wall this dude gonna be at home with his white queen more than anything.THEY SAW MIKE VICK GO CRAZY ON MONDAY NIGHT VS THEM AND SAID I GOTTA GET ME 1 OF THOSE.

    • ABreez

      ….. what?

      • four real? RG3 could be with the elite in like four years. his fiancee is cute and i can see game. as for john wall,i’ve liked his game since he was in college and i heard he do the clubs often in dc. just waiting for wall to break through. you were the #1 draft pick for christ’s sake c’mon dawg.

        • DCAssLuva

          not a redskin or wizards fan but i watched wall at kentucky he was a beast.DC just like ATL can get players in trouble clubs strip clubs all that.Party cities are bad places for young dumb players.

        • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

          yea, DC, how is he an uncle Tom , just cuz he got a white girl? Malcom X loved him some white women, you gonna call him a Tom, too?

          Sheed, my nicca is already elite. He will take the title of best QB,from Aaron Rodgers, once the Redskins incorporate a more vertical passing game for him.

          • and possibly get rid of mike shanahan? dude holding on to that denver glory even now smh. garcon is nice too and i agree with you. i had to learn the hard way when he debuted and torched my saints haha.

          • @FBI come on dawg…he aint gone take aaron rodgers top spot, he gone be better than tom brady doe.

          • jamar

            is that a stupid joke about malcolm x.

          • MoorFedayeen

            Whoaaaaa @FBI you way outta bounds. Malcolm X NEVER liked white woman. The young and ignorant boy he had to ditch in order to become X had a thing for white woman but not X. Keep that straight.

          • dusty

            do you guys know the the origin of uncle tom! you niggas are stupid. Uncle tom wasnt no sellout! dude got beaten to death cause he saved his black people by helping the escaped and etc. read the original novel.
            He wasnt a sellout !

            and ooh rg3 is def in it for luve hes been together with this girl since the beginning

  • Bmo

    Their kids are going to look really…interesting and rasheed if you’re serious then im worried about yours too lmao

    • haha you never know bruh. i bet she has a sweet personality and can cook her little butt off lol. the sparkling cider got me open to everything right now haha.

      • Bmo

        Rasheed im starting to think that apple cider you always drinking is laced with some shi* and dont try to use it as an excuse that it got “you open…” i saw your previous avi this is right up your alley nothing wrong with that but claim it dont try to deny it lol

        • lmao yeah,you got it right. as for the cider,no it’s not laced. hahz knows to have some martinelli’s on the rocks or root beer set aside for ya boy. the wine coolers is for the grown folk haha.

  • Thabo

    Gonna hand over all his bread to that unattractive ofay. SMH.

    When is black men gonna learn to get a strong well educated black woman up under their arms??? Forget Laquisha from the hood, forget the common money grubbin becky from the burbs, and find an intelligent black woman who will understand who you are, where you come from, and where you wanna go.

    • DCAssLuva

      agreed but baylor is a white school he didnt have many fine sista choices lol.But im sure he could have found a nice sista from a good family somewhere.

  • Juice

    I Like…. I Bet she got a mean jaw game…

    • MoorFedayeen


      • Juice

        Cause i like white girls?? FOH your trolling ass…

      • Thabo

        AHAHHAAA! The whitey detector bout to be fried from the strong signal pourin off of Juice. AHAHAA!

        • Juice

          Moor is a idiot… He contradict his self every post just about.. That’s why i could care less about his coon ass.

          • MoorFedayeen

            You white, end of story and that whole contradictory sh1t is something you got off Prest and Bzb. Be original. The context you use “n1gga” in lets me know you’re white. You use it way too much like a f@g is too feminine when he’s clearly trying to be something he’s not. Kill it

  • presto 2.5

    **WhyteGurl Voice**…”The kids are sleep…dinners on the table…and i’ve cleaned up the whole house while you were at practice Robert…now…come let me rub you down…and give you some mean head…and please stop showering me with gifts…i dont need stuff like that”

    **Sista Voice**…”Nicca WHERE THE HELL YO SNEAKY AZZ BEEN?…got me babysittin all damn day…hungry as hell…and this damn house is a mess…its not my job to be ya maid!…I DONT GIVE A DAMN BOUT NO PRACTICE NICCA!…and you might as well put that thang up…cause aint no haps…cause i still aint seen them new redbottoms you promised!”

    get it?…LMFAO!

    • Big ALbert

      The difference is the white chick looks like your average becky and the sista probably looking like a young Halle Berry with a Bria Myles azz.

      Which would you choose? I’d live with the headaches.

      • presto 2.5

        “I LIVE wit the headaches bruh…and wouldnt trade it for the World”…im jus sayn!

        6yrs this mnth…and Proud!..i would be a greedy man @BigAl!…#DimeWithMouth…lol

        • Jamez

          fool thats them ratchets YOU date. if u stereotyping black women then youre probably a stereotype yourself

          • presto 2.5

            “Date”…^^…”Lil nicca think prest still “Dates”

            “It was a fukn joke dummy…”

            nicca jus avoid my 2nd comment completely…and commented some “Panties in my azz” shyt…lol

            its not a nicca on ANS that supports and sides with the SISTAS on various subjects more than I…

            all the dumb shyt you say sometimes @James…prest is the wrong person to go to war with…”FOOL”…lmao!

            @Moor mighta been right about yo softazz…

  • Big ALbert

    He better get a pre-nup. Don’t wanna end up like Strahan, Tiger, etc……..

    • BzB

      …and kobe. dude look like a sucker for love though.

  • brickcity kid

    first off why is everyone getting so bent out of shape with who he dates and what he does with his personal life? He has no allegiance to date exclusively black because he is black. Who TF cares except ya’ll on here who ain’t got a life yourself. This story is not relevant.

    • desolation

      choich. Sometimes our ppl be sounding stupid, catching feelings just cause a rich nigga or eben some round the way girl married outside their race. it’s even sadder when the hate is toward someone who doesnt even know of them.

  • Fresh718

    “N1ggas watch who your fvcking just to hate on ya b1tches”

    Let RG3 live his life….Damn!

    • 4xtra

      niggaz arguing bout nothha niggaz issues?
      Does this cost u ANYTHING?
      If a nigga dated a MARTIAN would it matter??
      Yall actin like broadz**

  • lazarus

    Did not know this. That’s how they doin it in Baylor huh? She prolly takin skin off that nicca’s jonson. It is what it is. I guess.


    Rg3 lame ass hell for that,to each his own and I’m sure she was down with him when he 1st came to school & looked a mess but dude u in DC & u gonna keep this ugly white girl over the variety of sisters that are in DC?

  • crabs

    Real talk fellas, can’t control who you love. And if you didn’t notice, RG3 looks like a real-life Oscar the grouch. Sistas prolly started checking for him right around the same time as the nfl scouts. Snowflake was prolly in his corner when he was a 98 pound weakling, and he’s still with her cuz she’s obviously still treating him right. And he probably is smashing all kinds of dimepeices on the side anyway so the dude is having his cake and eating it too.

    And maybe he’s a titty man. She got some prime cups!

    • BzB

      ^ truth. they been together for a long time and she might be a good home maker who’s down for an open relationship. that’s a white chick steelo. sooner or later he gonna give in to groupies if he hasn’t already. it’s hard for regular cats on their grind to dodge chicks throwin it at them, so you know it’s damn near impossible for celebs or sports stars to dodge all the azz up in their face.

  • fuxkupayme

    LMAO @ RGIII but hey if he love her then keep her because the rest of these hoes just want your money bra bra…lol

  • uptownrae

    why do it matter who he fucks with …….lot of bigots on this site sheeeesh