Raymi Payano Up In The Night Club

· April 17, 2013

Raymi Payano_atlnightspots_ru423qo3_1280


Raymi Payano is one of NYC’s model rookies to watch for. She is Dominican & black standing 5’5 125 pounds and stacked.. Check out her recent night club flicks.

Would you have holla’d at her in the club?


Raymi Payano_atlnightspots_1ru423qo1_1280

Photos: 7dias7noches

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  1. presto 2.5 says:

    MGC…”So many broads…they gotta wear nametags to work so we can remember who they are”

    **Prest**…”Whats ya name again ma?”

    **Raymi**…”Ray-Mi…remember your in your office 2 weeks ago?…Purple panties?…you said i was the best?”


  2. Playboy69 says:

    I love this woman….Raymi Payano is a CERTIFIED DIMEPIECE! Let me be the first to say it she got Mizz DR & Tahiry both beat….She is the new A1….LOL!

  3. she’s hot sauce. nyc push out some fine broads.

  4. blizzy says:

    dominican and black say no more………. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen..them thighs are the biz for sure

  5. President Ward says:

    She fine and got ass for days.

    Wolfpack Inc.

  6. mr leftfoot says:

    she could get it

  7. Realtalkin says:

    Thighs for days! Shes finee

  8. 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU) says:

    Great another lukewarm azz ny dominican chick theyre trying to convince us is hot smh ive seen waaay better looking ny spanish(dominicans,puerto ricans, and whatever else) chicks working at associates and fine fare lol for real

    • REX!!! says:


    • @20/20, so serena is hot….and raymi is lukewarm??? Smh. U hatin becuz she’s Dominican or what???

      **@20/20 credibility gets flushed down the toilet**…..”swshhhhhshh”

    • Realtalkin says:

      20/20..be quiet

    • 20/20(Cakes ya bish) says:

      People please learn to read and comprehend lol…i said she was lukewarm which means average not ugly..i never said Serena was hot she just doesnt look like a man to me….i dont have anything against santos ive just seen better… Queso or anyone from ny help me out here am i lying? doesnt associates and fine fare have prettier women working there?

      • @20/20, get outta here with those weak back handed compliments. This post isn’t about the women at associates or fine fare!!!

        *hating quotes*
        “Great another lukewarm azz ny Dominican they’re trying to convince us is hot”…….. “I’ve seen waay better chicks working @ associates & fine fare”. Smh H-A-T-E!!!!!!

        Lmao!!! Megacorp..”home of the hating police….u keep hating…we’ll keep calling u out on it” LOL

        *ans awards*
        Model/vixen of the year…maliah
        Team of the year…megacorp
        Rookie of the year..jasmine bunee Matthews
        Hater of the year(s)…..who else..20/20,@cakes,@onyx…and wuteva else goofy alias she can come up with LOL.

        • 20/20(Cakes ya bish) says:

          -_- Bstrait are you friggin’ remedial or what? i dont give backhanded compliments either i like it or not..i left a comment on this post not a compliment…Comment- “she is average..seen better” Compliment-“I love that blue dress” Backhanded compliment (via a MGC goon)- “Catya is fine even with all the weave” smh you get the difference now? lol smh

          • time-out..miracle watts was rookie of the year brod. maliah and kyra have the best lower bodies in the game,at least in my top 5 opinion. coach of the year was playboy haha. and @20/20 let’s see YOUR cakes..curiosity has slept on my mind about that for a while haha

          • @whoever u are today, umm poo poo we don’t care about the chicks at fine fare or associates,u have no visual proof to the claims u make. If u feel this chick is avg..cool. But u had a entire hallmark entry about serena Williams in an enduring kinda way. When it comes to raymi you’ve seen waay better…cool. But when it comes to serena Williams..what u haven’t seen waaaay better?? FOH!!!!! We all know that is…H-A-T-E!!!! U went outta your way to discredit raymi’s looks…but u embrace serena’s huh??..like she’s not lukewarm..hell she’s ice cold lol. Smh. #too easy

  9. Mister Mister says:

    She’s tough, real tough….all natural too

  10. 20/20(Cakes ya bish) says:

    Bstrait omg..i cant explain it any better your azz just dont get it..lol smh it was Jake who read your ass for filth about serena not me and enduring way? what are you implying? boy please STFU!! Youre the damn hater whether i say something good or not you trying to ride me..how about you dont read or respond to my mfn comments

  11. RunTellDat says:

    You n!ggaz still don’t realize that somebody has shopped all her pics smh. She’s not that thick at all. She pretty tho.

  12. ginoBrown says:

    Man I think the stats are a lil off cause if ol girl just 125lbs then 80lbs of it must be pure a** cause damn…

  13. Cold and Hot says:

    She got a bangin body and she fine

  14. Quai-Quai_21 says:

    Hell yeah!!

  15. Exposedfakes says:

    Alright I’m gonna clear somethings up, So whoever monitors this page, please post this. I’m sick of people faking this girl.

    “Raymitasty” is a fake. That twitter page & IG page with the name “raymitasty” is not the real girl. She is one of the real Raymi’s biggest internet fake. She photoshops the girl pictures to make it look like she super thick. Trust me, I know. I’ve seen the real girl & she’s not that thick. Don’t get me wrong, she does have an nice average size ass & she is beautiful but the pictures you see of her aren’t the real pictures.

    The real girl instagram page is “Raymi_Payano she’s the real girl. Don’t believe me then here are some of of closes family & friends instagram page, follow them & they will tell you that “Raymi_Payano” is the real girl. Also this is her fb facebook.com/raymipayano.tasty. Idk if she’ll add you though
    But these are her friends & family IG’s you can follow:
    “randygq” <–that's her brother IG
    "linesther_ve" <– that's her cousin IG
    follow them & they will tell you that "Raymi_Payano" is the real chick.

  16. yaneisio2 says:

    who the real raymi i see her picture everywhere and those people you listed ig doesnt exist .

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