Ciara was spotted yesterday in West Hollywood struggling to get into her big foot styled Jeep truck with a new black kevlar paint job.

She Tweeted:

‘They Sent Me a Pic of my NEW BABY After It Was Finished. BLACK KEVLAR PAINT! What Should I Name Her C Squad?’

Are you feeling her jeep paint job?


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  • crabs

    all she’s missing now is a flannel shirt. next we’ll see her holding hands with rachel maddow or chaz bono.

    • treydarealest1


  • MoorFedayeen

    Usually i like stuff like this but it looks plan. Maybe a Lambo painted like this.

    • MoorFedayeen


  • RAW!!! 🙂

  • hellrazer

    Why is she driving a car that’s made for a man huh? Black women sure do hate being women

    • BzB

      it’s a car, not a jock strap. she can have almost any vehicle she wants. none of them say made for men only on the sticker.

      you seem to be obsessed with black hate. yet you keep coming here. one of those people secretly obsessed/infatuated with black culture. can’t blame you…we da best!!!

      • Simba

        “its a car, not a jock strap”


  • trap101

    How she able to afford it? She hasn’t put out or done anything since when now?

    • Simba

      Artists don’t solely make money on New material. The greater portion of their income comes from touring. I’m sure she made enough on her tours when she was hot to secure her future.

      Besides, there’s endorsements and possible entrepreneurial investments she might have made that we don’t know about and are paying dividends.

  • PapiChulo

    I think is okay for her

    but on a sidenote, honestly it seems that we havnt seen ciara in nothing other than this jeep in the past two years, which may speak volumes to her possible money woes, I guess 50 really did repo her LAMBO

  • joe

    i LIKE IT.

  • Bruce

    I think it’s great.Love kevlar very smart gal ..I live in grizzly flat ca lets go riding,lots of trails Iam. 58 years old and dont know who you are but I love driving my jeep Were did you get it painted? And betsy is a good name for a ride