Comedian Kevin Hart recently took a trip to Disneyland with his girlfriend, father he jokes about and his family. He is taking a well deserved vacay after months of promoting his film that is enti*led, “Let Me Explain” debuted worldwide in theaters July 3, 2013.

Sources report that the low budget film that took only $2.5Million to make actually raked in an impressive $17 Million it’s first weekend at the the box office. This film was actually a syndication of Kevin’s sold out Madison Square Garden’s performance in Newyork, that raked in a whopping $10.1 Million dollars in two shows alone.


  • HNIC88

    Thats wussup, makes me happy to see a man still doing the family thing, the right way..

  • Mister Mister

    His shorty is badd, I can say that

    • joe

      Hell yeah!

  • Taper

    Alrite alrite allllllrite

  • Camaro434

    Where is his girlfriend? And don’t tell me it’s the shorty in pink because she looks like a teenager.

  • damnshame

    he shoulda stayed wit his wife…cant stand ninjas like dis when they get money think they wife not good enough. Look at da kids-the boy look like tha dad and the girl look like the man…perfect…