Blake Griffin is a ladies man who likes women of all shapes,sizes and colors. Nigerian model Tracy Acholonu and basketball player Blake Griffin have been dating off and on since they met at the Choice Awards in Los Angeles in 2011. They have been trying to keep their relationship private but there have been rumors recently that he’s also dating supermodel Kate Upton. Peep photos of Tracy on Blake Griffin’s boat…




  • Bob

    I’ll be goddamned I ever fuck with a stick figure type broad.

    • missmina

      if i was a man i wodent either,lol

    • ginoBrown

      @bob +1000000

  • oooh she bad

    • jfizzle

      @’Sheed +1

    • BullnBearHP


  • mike

    Watch ya money Blake!!

  • ginoBrown

    2 thin for my taste

  • Blake a young nigga gettin what he deserve! Random all day!

  • RED(Corp)

    I fuck with slim women but she too slim

    • Mister Mister


  • Tim

    She is slim yes, but I give the man points just because he is rocking a black chick. Most these dudes with the money to choose who ever they want, would ofter choose a white broad. Now, I’m I saying that getting with a white broad is bad (Personally I have never wanted one) No!

    Still, there is that rumor of him with the white broad he is out in public with this lady. Like I said, points for bringing her out first.

    Just pointing out a pattern.

    • crabapples

      its not like he’s marrying the chick. all men will always want to smash and hang with a pretty black woman for a time, but locking it down is a different thing entirely.

  • crabapples


  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    sheees a good look

    a fresh taste from the norm of video ho3 red carpet booty magazine ho3s these days, tired of these same recycled ho3s.

    NBA ballers i promise are so lame, they dont know that they are suppose to get those basic ho3s, show a nicca something different actually pull a dime who has some substance and a real paystub that she can file at the end of the year and not one of these instagram ho3s who create a big cartel account selling the same mass produced clothing lines from china and labels themselves CEO of a one person company.

  • Faith LaFreniere

    They aren’t dating. I know her personally and she is happily taken with her BOYFRIEND