Phat Rabbit Magazine Cover & Video

· October 28, 2011

DC’s own Phat Rabbit aka Stadiums first lady covers SmoothGirl’s “Live From Jamaica”. Also some homefessional footage and a video promo teaser. She looks like fun, she has that strippa swag about her that naturally develops over a period of time.

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  1. 850 says:

    Fuck her gimmie the money!!!!!!

  2. jfizzle says:

    That face down azz up pic got me singing negro sprituals “amazing grace”, and she got pretty toes, a plus!!!

    • queso says:


    • 850 says:

      Lmao @ Jfizzle. Thank “God” for women. I tell you this Hahz, in my “Joe Clark” voice……. Hahz….your no damn good lol. Man ur killing us with these women homie. Especially Thursday thickness top 25. I can tell the wolfpack the honest truth. Man i’m glad we gave up a rib for these beautiful women. My goodness…….ummmm ummmmm ummmmmm “have mercy”. And the pawg Mal Mallory whoever she is damn she stood out this week. I luv it Hahz keep on bringing these fresh pics bro.

  3. 850 says:

    She’s qualified to get some good hot loving.

  4. Chi Capitan says:

    I got some Harold’s mild sauce for those toes

  5. jpari says:

    her lace wigs looks horrible but she’s cute kinda remind of blac chyna

  6. Sean Coonery says:

    nice toe pics!!! sexy ladies right there!!!

  7. 0gBobbyJohnson says:

    thought stadium closed?

  8. Southwestern says:

    She cool, I’d beat. But her friend has a beautiful round slim shape in the pic with the MLK looking ni$&a in the background.

  9. TYBO2020 says:


  10. Cold and Hot says:

    Yeah she sexy, nice donk.

  11. BUCKBITCH says:


  12. mr.portcity says:

    Seems like every chick that has been posted on here from the d.c. area works at stadiums so I’m guessing its the place to go when in town

  13. prime706 says:

    aint this some shit i just left the store i saw the smooth cover girl and dam phat rabbit fine ass hell i aint seen her on atlnightspots, and come back home and see her on here she tight 9.4

  14. LouieV says:

    shit is insane what niggas do for pussy, smell, or taste it

  15. Buuurrrdddeee says:

    damn her smile and her whole mouth is sexy

  16. louSki says:

    I would even suck the skin off of those toes

  17. williamsjl says:

    you have agood page but some of your pix poor keep up the good work any way

  18. faze says:

    i would smash but dont really fuck with birds like this

  19. Plansky says:

    damn… niggas in NY paying $11.50 for newports?!? that shit is deep

  20. k-iller says:

    My #1 goal since I moved to the A from Harlem has been to hit a stripper and spend all dat monay! #TrueStory!

  21. gphi says:

    She look like Kandi Burruss facewise to me…nice, she has a nice thick body too. PEACE!!!

  22. Jimmy89 says:

    slim goodie

  23. Downbydariver says:

    Yea rabbit phat 2 death I like…aka big bank role aka ms zip lock bag

  24. od says:

    uh see what im sayin preety toes n shit ponytails o yea fu!#%#g yea

  25. dimpz says:

    what kind of hair do u have in it looks good on you

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