If some of you are out the loop Pebblez da Model has been MIA status after being caught in Memphis and charged with illegally brokering a bu** shot procedure that resulted in the death of an Atlanta woman.

Pebblez, real name Natasha Stewart, was arrested on January 3, 2013 and charged with being a fugitive from justice in connection with Gordon’s death. Police also took Shannetria Newberry into custody. It is not clear what role she played in Gordon’s death. Both women are being held at the Shelby County jail without bond.

According to the Associated Press, Gordon met Pebbles in New York and paid her $200 for the referral to Garner. The Associated Press located a Twitter page maintained by Karima Gordon with only 1 tweet sent out to a Twitter user named @PebbelzDaModel.

Pebbelz Da Model’s Twitter page featured photos advertising Garner’s work. The photos showed Pebblez with grossly deformed bu**ocks and hips, consistent with bu** shots or bu** implants.

She is a facing a life sentence.

It was all good just a week ago

  • Wowwww smh. What else can be said?

    • queso (The Corp)

      Exactly..smh….u know them correction officers gonna be tapping that lol

      • Oh absolutely @queso. LOL I’d definitely smash if I knew I wasn’t gon get caught or get in no real trouble LOL.

        **C.O. B strait approaches pebblez in the shower**
        “Aye baby u know what this is….u bend over for me….I look out for u..I’ll slide u a cell phone or give u some extra free time outside….let me beat ur box & I’ll let u outta that box”. Lmao!!

  • MoorMalitia

    Dumb b1tch. Hahz must of saw my comment a few days ago asking what’s going on with her since her arrest. This woman epitomizes the spirit of the “Black Girl Lost”. She’s downright f*cking nutty too.

    • jamarxyz

      the white people in the court room probably was like ,look at this crazy black b!tch.

      • MoorMalitia

        That’s exactly what they were thinking.

    • Guntoter 2

      Agree with ya 110%.

  • 1luv

    All that for fame, her fame did come with a price. Jail bait for CO’s and women.

  • Shit! She’s held in jail without bond? With an ass like that i thought she had some connections or somethin. Really goes to show how dark days can get when u aint got nobody on your corner

  • edo


  • Fresh718

    So nobody told her her addiction to butt injections was outta control.She must of gotten so many compliments from simps being out and about.Team Fairytales gone wrong…..All the way wrong

    • She probably was getting hit up a million times a day from women wanting shots, she was eating good off that 200 referral fee.

    • Playboy69

      @Fresh…Amen bro!….Now Team Fairy Tales gonna be running prision like Tavon White….LMAO!

  • TBag

    they had to give her a top that was over sized so it could cover her azz

    • Realtalkin

      lmao yup

  • damnshame

    life for what tho…all she did was refer the client…she didn’t administer the deadly shot….jus fed up wit how the judicial system treat Afro-Americans

    • desolation

      i feel you. However,this case is kinda like if I sell weapons grade plutonium to you. I’m just as guilty as you are even if you used it to hurt others and I didnt. The merchant of death is just as bad as the guy he sold the weapon to cause he/ she profited from another’s pain/ demise.

  • R.E.D(Corp)

    Damn shame

  • That what happens when u fk ^ ur Holy Temple. Be thankful 4 what God gave u.