Nicki Minaj performed last night in Manchester, UK and made sure she wasn’t having any more nip slips by taking some necessary precautionary actions.

  • lolol should’ve been done a long while ago but umm,what the azz like? *earl voice*

  • tyuaza

    double sided tape or a bra works just as well or just get naked so we can get that out the way with this over-rated two bit garage air headed tramp slut of a hoe im just sick of this no talent hack

    • Mister Mister

      Yeah, there are talented other female MCs out there, they just not getting their just due.

      To be honest, I think Teyana Taylor is better in all aspects over Nicki

      • *left eye twitching* Teyana..mmm hmmm mmm

      • Fresh718

        What?! Teyana Taylor can’t rap for sh1t….I’m not a fan of Nicki MInaj but C’mon Son that was some bullsh1t you just typed.

        Teyana Taylor cute though and she could sing a lil bit.

        • Jamez

          azealia banks is what teyana coulda been but it seem like she just enjoying being around the company she wit

        • Mister Mister

          Have you heard Teyana rap? I’d rather listen to her flow, like a real female emcee should flow, than this hip-pop shyt Nicki be doing.

          In that Bad Boy joint, it could be seen as a subliminal to Nicki where Teyana says “A real bad bytch, never needed azz shots”

          • CruiseControl

            Honestly bra i dont and aint taking time out of my day to listen to a damn female rapper throwing subliminals, especially two irrelevant female rapprs in terms of lyrics, both of them are garbage.

            If they aint damnn near naked or figting each other then miss me

      • tyuaza

        angel haze and nitty scott mc there are more but not enough to keep my attention

  • MoorFedayeen

    (Tony Montana voice) “She lookin real smashable in these pics mayn”

    • Realtalkin

      damn right

  • dcassluva

    Smh fuckk that hoe cover up u wouldn’t have too wear pasties she won’t never do superbowl halftime they wouldn’t know what her crazy ass would do

  • wobeli

    Not bad at all

  • true blackman

    She a REPUBLICAN her career is over as we move FOWARD

  • visio

    All these men on here behaving like a bunch of #$%#es all this hating on a female who is making it remember you are limited on what you can rap about these days rap has turned into pop music now and there’s a new audience listening to it so most of the rappers chat #$%#t but your wrong she does have talent I’ve heard her old stuff