Nas Daughter Destiny Jones is 19 years old now and hitting up the night clubs. Just last year Nas released his hit single “Daughters” off of his album Life Is Good, which focused on the challenges of raising kids.


Her name was trending last year after tweeting a picture of a condom.

“Keep dis cute lil box on my nightstand. My home girls know what I keep in it. Can you guess? Lol” captioned the photo of the closed box, followed by a look inside: a collection of condoms. Shortly after, Destiny showed off her new Mercedes named “Cocaine.”


  • President Ward

    Acting grown at a young age.

  • A Coons Tune

    She F@ckin

  • Fdat

    “Condoms in the baby seat traumatized her life so she keep the condoms on the nightstand”

  • This is normal behavior for a 19year old female. Going to clubs,taking pics& being materialistic. The condom pic was unnecessary but if she is having sex at least she got condoms handy. Everbody already know she gon be a lil conceited becuz of who her dad is.


    She’s actin’ like Carmen.

    Nas should be worried.

  • Big ALbert

    Wow Her face looks like Nas on the Illmatic cover

    • 1luv

      I can also see the same thing. I don’t think I would holla at her knowing who her father is.

      • Realtalkin


  • MoorMilitant

    Damn, that skirt fitting like POW. That made her legit.

  • LouieVtheKING


  • C

    don’t let me see her out…im tryin to smash

  • she looks like she’s got the full package – ass and all