Atl’s own Video/Personal Trainer Ms Tisch is certified facetime material. I see Ms Tisch all the time in the gym working out turning heads cause she is se*y and goes hard when it comes to her work out routine. Are you feeling her?

 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime
 Ms Tisch Facetime

If your in Atlanta and need a personal trainer hit her up Tisch Tosch Training Email TISCHFITNESS@LIVE.COM
Twitter @MsTisch

  • queso

    Idk something aint right can’t put my finger on it


      Hmm???don’t kno bout this post I like Redbonez but not these funny lookin chix

    • PAC

      SUPER Agreed! Dat first pic I was OK then started having doubts but can’t put my finger on it. Does she have a nose job? Couple pics look like it.

  • Chi Capitan


  • Cease

    She is a dime,I remember her from the Red Cafe video

  • Mo

    she is a cutie

  • prince_kosmic

    Now this is one fly azz chick right here. She gets a 9 (on a universal scale, not Black men scale…lol.) And that beauty in the purple/pink mini? Oh my gosh!!! Everything is in place. And I love her skin.

    • crabapples

      agreed! she has universal appeal but she wont do well around these parts. almost looks blasian.

  • Rizzy

    She is a 9 piece

  • Goose Lee

    Every time she come around I would be gettin dome lol
    Face time

  • wtf?

    this broad gorgeous every pic not the best but you know she a dime

  • WildWild

    Is that the same chick in all pics?? cuz #1 look Asian I like mos def.. Asian is the new cool… #5 & 7 chicks look asian and the last pic in the elevator a glimpse from behind and she passing for a light skin beauty..

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    I’m In Savannah will be in atlanta soon…………i’mma have a workout session with her.

    On behalf of Gorgeous Inc

  • Chrisd

    She’s asian…very attractive looking chick

  • realtalkldn

    she pretty but she quite slim for my tastes

  • KK


  • LouieV

    It’s funny how y’all n1ggas on here be judging the hoes once they not thick as hell. Shorty decent and I’m smashing. I bet some of y’all broads if even gotten any prolly weak as hell.

    • wtf?

      i think this site is body over face thats why body make up for face

    • Panicky Pete

      Who are u? Niggas on the net always act like they Gods gift to a bitch. Post yo girls since u such a ladies man. B Strait too. All you niggas put up or shut the fuck up

  • wtf?

    i just almost got sick from looking at all the post and how much portia is brought up and what the fuck is up with the 300 comment? there should be no debate there are some sick f@cks on this site

  • Drew


  • Wow, she’s my cuzo’s homegirl in ATL, small world I see ya Tisch!

  • Bullcity Bandit


  • trap101

    BP Corp!….all day! Holla at ur boy Tisch.

    • trap101

      Upon further review of the play the spidey senses are tinglin’ and I feel she’s on that “sponser search” sexy as hell but I don’t know…ruling on the field over turned…repeat of down

  • williedynamite

    She got a versatile look though…Very pretty! Bad!

  • Poppichuloco

    I luv this chick right here. Fat a$$, no, but stylish, cute and fly, yes. When I’m doing my running around and exploring the city this is the chick to my right. When I hit the ATL I’m looking this one up.

  • TYBO2020



    YO if she looks like pic #1 at all times she going to be my wife for 5 years if I can’t cum from her blowjob then 2 years and I’m out

  • D. Hays


  • Six Four

    She ahite just not feelin the Myspace pics

  • Downbydariver

    I’d werk…