Morning Thick Em’s Kayla Kouture

· May 27, 2011

Check out 24 yr old Kayla Kouture representing Houston, Texas. Kayla is standing 5’1 weighing in at 140 pounds.

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  1. PAC says:

    Sexy ass hell but not the finest thang!

  2. B strait up says:

    uhh buttafaceish(no hate)but…….i would beat it up,strait up!

    • Too_Funny says:

      @B, naw man she aint not buttaface. the make up in those soapy pics got her looking crazy, the less makeup the better she will look. she decent thou and kinda cute. Those lips are something vicious thou along with her body.

    • joed says:

      I agree with b strait up. Aint too much goin on with the face at all. She not, too the extent, a buttaface though. Its like her body and face dont add up. Her face is nowhere near the quality of her body. She aint ugly but… You know…. Her body bangin though! I’d hit in a heartbeat!

  3. ginoBrown says:

    Cute face, small waist, and she thick than a muthaf@#$…and she repping my hometown so thats another plus.

  4. presto says:

    smash neva pass!!…. dat chick in pic 1 takin all da shine! kouture iz def but average….no hate

    • crabapples says:

      yo Presto she above average. look at that shape in pic 1 & 2. Look at the curve of that ass in the last pic. just on body alone she up in near dyme status for me. i’ll discount that cuz of the face, but how can you say this chick is average?

      • presto says:

        after re-evaluation….da vid and dem big azz lipz threw her over average…but she defnitly not a looker…far from dyme (jus me)….

      • Too_Funny says:

        @crabapples, i agree she above average and the less makeup the better she looks.

        • B strait up says:

          @crabapples & toofunny, okay playas I just wanna know if she wasn’t a chocolate chick(i know you luv em funny) would you still find her attractive?? I’m sayn she’s not horrible but upon first look I would find her face to b attractive(no hate). Holla @ me yall,strait up!

          • crabapples says:

            strait up check it i dont have preferences but dark skin chicks with thick lips look more natural and better to me than light skin chicks with thick lips. i like my dark skin chicks to look like sunna gottshalk (google her), and i like my light skin chicks to look like halle berry.

            that being said she aint no beauty queen but she is a booty queen i’d dig it out and her body overcomees the weaknesses of her grill.

          • too funny says:

            @B, of course her being chocolate has a lot to do wit it I aint gonna lie. But facially for me she has a unique look (bone structure), lips and nice teeth. Unlike ANS Facetime where 90% of the females resemble each other. I always find different attractive. She looks cute in pic 2, pics 7&8 I think she would be cute if she didn’t have that clown makeup on. Can’t say if she was light skin I would still find her attractive. But she is attractive enough to step too.

          • B strait up says:

            @toofunny&crabapples, I got you fellas,i feel you lol. @crabapples I’m gon google this chick you talkin about,so I can see if I need to add her to my squad lol.@funny,oooooh you broke it down like a smooth ass playa lol,u got that from me….lol. Me personally I’m a fan of all shades of color,as long as the chick is attractive. But I will say I really don’t like makeup on dark women,i really don’t like make up @ all on chicks but hey…..thats life. But on darker women I just wanna tell them to take that ish off & rock that chocolate skin proudly lol,strait up!

          • Too_Funny says:

            @B, i dont discriminate against beauty, i just have a strong preference towards chocolate. But i agree dark skin women should not wear makeup and their complexion is enough to enhance their beauty.

          • crabapples says:

            i agree 2 dark skin chicks dont need as much makeup because of the beauty of the natural complexion. I dont discriminate but i do have a preference towards exotic women with curves. skin color in itself is irrelevent to me. fine is fine, whether its japanese, angolan, italian, kenyan, pakistani, french etc. my d1ck is like the UN. all nations welcome.

            FYI who is my standard of perfection in case you ask? Kenya Moore. i compare all chicks to her which is why they all fall short of dyme status.

  5. mobboss says:

    i hit hit like i cant miss. yo thats my late night chick, never in public chick. nice body but would get tired looking at that face all the time chick. i would smash tho

  6. crabapples says:

    Flawless body. fellas look at the second video the grill is not so bad. we could kick it! Not my dyme status but she up there just on the strength of that shape.

  7. T-Joe says:

    We Need More Homegrown Pics Of Dis Gurl. She Got Star Potential….

  8. Gilly1914 says:

    Yeaa she a buttahead but that body is that deal though! Hahz who her homegirl that’s the real question lol

  9. laker1 says:

    she aiight, face aint the best but she got a bangin body, nothin special

  10. cj says:

    that is one ugly ass chick….damn

  11. gphi says:

    Although she’s kind of new to me, I’m a fan of hers, & I’m going to stay a fan of hers with pics like these. PEACE!!!

  12. datmemphisboi says:

    That’s some nice chocolate right there!!

  13. Omega-O says:

    she got advantages. our break off sumthin.

  14. Blue says:

    Body tight, the video was nice… soup coolers looking like dey’ll suck d meat off a chkn bone, smashable of course, but d grill??? ooohh lord…lol,

  15. Cold and Hot says:

    Well at least the body tight look at that stomach. Both of em in the first pic is righteous.

  16. Big P says:

    two words….. MARRY ME !!!!!

  17. mick thomas says:

    ill try and throw my back out on tht b1tch..

  18. LaStarya says:

    TeamChocolate … very sexy video..

  19. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!!

  20. Not throwing shade says:

    exactly what I’ve been saying you would never see a facially pretty dark skin girl. sigh

  21. Not throwing shade says:

    even after seeing her model mayhem i had to come back to say dark women are fuglyyyyyyyyyy.

  22. J-Holla says:

    Lightweight reminds me of Jada Fire

  23. jerseybrotha says:

    Maybe u aint throwin shade but u sure are throwin stupidity! you dumb & blind fool! How stupid can u be makin those backward a$$ generalizations! So only light skin women are fine? I think that’s about the dumbest shiggity I ever heard! You’re clearly from the slow class!

  24. Torres, M says:

    In the photoshopped pix she isn’t attractive in the face. In the second video she was cute but wore too much makeup. I’m not sure about the face but the body makes her a yes in my book.

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