Montana Deleon Homefessional Pics

· July 28, 2011

Check out Montana Deleon’s latest homefessional pics as she heads out to hit the town for the night with her friends. Would you have holla’d at her that night?

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  1. 850 says:

    Got dayuummmmmmm!!!!!!! this is F.B.I right here.

  2. tootrill says:

    does she know she posed with 2 aliens in that third pic? wtf? sometimes these chickens try too hard to look cute and sexy.

  3. tootrill says:

    4th pic.

  4. Downbydariver says:

    montana be killin hoes like bria myles & portia dem…it is what it is no way around it…..

    • NOW THATS PCP says:

      I CONCUR

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      And yeah, with a comment like that, I’m sure yo crazy ass do live in a van down by the river. You took two of the best and tried to sh*t on them with this over the hill fake ass having broad. FAIL

      • pimptyght says:


      • B strait up says:

        @moor, lmao!!!! Yo as crazy boy!

      • 850 says:

        Whoooooooaaaaaa Moore be easy homie. U going straight ham dog lol. Come on be easy bro lol. Have mercy.

        • presto says:

          …LMAO…somebody’s got their wave cap on toooo tight…LMAO!

          • 850 says:

            Their he is lol. Wassup!!!!!! Presto? Damn dog I’m glad u alive homie.

          • presto says:

            …yeah still kickin fam!!!…lol…but these kids drivin me into the poor house…lmao!….DAMN SUMMERTIME!…cant wait till skool start!!!!…LMAO!…i see i missed the BEAT DOWN yesterday…..

          • 850 says:

            You to blood? Between Groceries & clothes man that’s driving me straight to the cleaners lol. But i’m glad ur alright fam. Because when I didn’t see u yesterday on that Portia post I was like hell naw where’s my boi Presto @.

          • Too_Funny says:

            @presto @850 i know what you mean. i got 4 kids, my first 3 are all 2 yrs apart so i was buying pampers for damn near 7 years straight…..shyt i can do 1 more so i can increase my chances of 1 of them going pro in something straight out of high school lol.

          • presto says:

            …yeah @2funny…i got 1 in private skool in VA….sent him to Kenny Smith B-Ball camp last week….hoping the same…LMAO @ buying pampers 7yrs….DAMN IT MAN!!!!!

          • too funny says:

            @presto, you from VA too? I gew up in Reston out by Dulles Airport.

          • 850 says:

            Pamoers for 7yrs dammit man for real lol. More power to you dawg lol. When my lil boi got out of them I was clapping my azz off lol. I only got one biologically but still hats off to us real azz men for handling our responsibilities like were suppose to. Real talk on that fella’s.

  5. pimptyght says:

    Ok, she is tightwork but I have to withhold a score. Did her azz blow up from pic#1 to pic#2 or am I looking at the wrong chick. If not, her friend in that oversized white shirt is just sssooo damn sexy. She gets a solid 9 all day and I’d rather spit at that. Babygirl in the black dress would be my second choice. Now peep game: as stated on another post. Some folks gone place a higher value on old girl in the black dress cause she has a donk. It’s all in the details as far as what one likes.

    • pimptyght says:

      Ok, I had to see some other pics. Black dress gets a solid 9 too.

      • 850 says:

        Naw she’s official dawg lol….no lie.

        • pymptight says:

          @850 you MAY be right. Her waist is definitely bigger when the azz gets bigger. The black skirt MAY be hiding some weight gain and a girdle. Look real hard. I’m not being picky, just stating a fact. She can keep her 9 though but her friend makes me want to skeet!!!

          • 850 says:

            Just click on the link above that I posted u will re-evaluate ur opinion.

          • pimptyght says:

            I did and something does not seem right. There are a few pics like #1 and the rest are like the others. It’s almost like two different people.

  6. supafly says:

    Her booty is really big in the last pic than the first maybe photoshop

  7. 850 says:

    Pic 3 in white who is she Hahz? Also I need to know is who’s the chocolate chick on the last pic on the left?

  8. Ash' says:

    Very sexy woman,pretty face,flawless skin,nice body.

    – 10

  9. jpari says:

    Yeah montana is a beast she’s a solid 9 I’m reaching 10 because she’s a dime

  10. Steez says:

    She got a donk on her dats all I gotta say

  11. Sweer says:

    two words CHICKEN LEGS….

  12. Downbydariver says:

    Montana killin them hoes like bria myles & portia them… is what it is no other way around it.

  13. Downbydariver says:

    @ moor im rite in here in the a-town homie a nigga can have an opinion..if dat bitch bad da bitch bad real niggaz give credit when credit is due…..

  14. Cold and Hot says:

    Damn her face alone is a 10!! And like I always say I rarely give out 10’s or the wifey title.

  15. B strait up says:

    okay so all yall playas who looked at these photos can honestly make a fair judgement on montana by these pics????…! You can’t even really see how her body lookin nowadays. I’m sayn her azz looks huge but these pics aren’t close enuff or clear enuff to really see how Ms. Montana packin nowadayz lol. I’d still beat that “supathick” azz of her just off of her older pics & vids alone lol

  16. ShowYaKnow says:

    this b!tch badd she got a photo shoot and video somewhere with another fine redbone from texas named tiara, this broad a dime hands down as far as looks go, dont know if she into nigggaz i think she said she into chicks , dont know how true it is or if she like nigg@s or not but this b!tch badd

  17. ShowYaKnow says:

    @850 she better not neva catch me nekkid on pay day

    • 850 says:

      Showyoknow homie scroll up top and check out the weblink I posted. This post ain’y got nothing on the link I just shared lol.

  18. realtalkldn says:

    im sure she got some work done to her ass, check her worldstar candy vids the second one it dont look proper, but dont get me wrong id still hit monday tuesday wednesday friday saturday sundayyy till the sun come up!

  19. Craig says:

    That Montana ass is fine as hell, I’d eat her ass up.

  20. prime706 says:

    she sexy her friend in pics 2 and 3 looks good to. i give her a 9.3

  21. STUCK CHUCK says:


  22. Downbydariver says:

    Check out her ass clap on wshh….she clap wit da best of dem.

  23. ShowYaKnow says:

    @850 just checked out link bra, yea she a beast!!

    • 850 says:

      @Syaknow homeboi I didn’t know she did semi nudes. I was blown away when I seen them big azz titty’s. Great day in the morning lol. She’s offical for real. She earned some cool point with me.

  24. rok7250 says:

    she bad no thirstiness but this the type of lotty i need i cud change tht to wifey

  25. mobboss says:

    Damnnnnn!!!! She right…Look at all them ladies on the couch, how can a man choose? I close my eyes and start grabbing, and see which one feel the softest, thats the one Im leaving with. But yo Montana is sexy.. two thumbs up

  26. Sir Beast says:

    I think the girl in the white shirt drank too much….

  27. ginoBrown says:

    Its amazing that she still has a body that looks that good after having 5 kids, I know her donk is suspect but she still looks nice.

  28. 1luv says:

    That’s a one hitter right there, I cant really mess with a chick with baggage like that.

  29. mr.portcity says:

    Mite b wrong but I think she had sum work donte to thighten things up and who cud blame her with 5 lil 1’s

  30. Will says:

    There a reason why this chick has 5 kids…some good coochie…she is a professional sex artist…LOL…she will definitely make ya Skeet! Skeet!

  31. gphi says:

    Montana is fine, but knowing that she has five children, I wouldn’t have hollaed at her that night. PEACE!!!

  32. doeboi says:

    Baddest chick on here!!

  33. AngelMessiah says:

    I would holla at her every night if i had the chance

  34. TYBO2020 says:


  35. PAC says:

    This is my Baby. 5 kids and all. She a keeper. She’s Beautiful and down to earth from what I seen from a couple vids. How many models bounce back from 5 kids like that?

  36. uptown rae says:


  37. BigHRD2 says:

    Montana Deleon is suppose to be Tiara’s best friend she still is sexy
    but I don’t know to me Montana is just an hoe, maybe Tiara is a hoe
    too a lot of models are hoes, plain and simple.

  38. slap doot says:

    montana’s sexy ass hell.. but she got 2 sea donkeys sitting on the couch with her

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