Yea we gonna hard today with the se*y 5 footers next up is Barbie Brittania. Barbie got that it factor.. she looks like she could give you the eye across the room and get you in the mood to smash. Thoughts? or


    um, she tite,she tite but i have seen better not PRIME THICKNESS BUT FUCKABLE,N GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL

    • crabapples

      agreed. nice and tite. she look like the type we could smoke a L and she could give me some brain while watching the Mets game.

      but she need to lose that horsehair in the videos. at least get some high-grade engine hair.

  • jfizzle

    Yeah I could some tricks with her little ass

    • jfizzle

      Oh and the pretty toes are a PLus!!!!!

      • Tim

        Yeah, I am a ‘sucka’ for a chick with pretty foot (Just kidding). She pretty butt she need a bit of butt to quench my thirst!

        • Im still the PRINCE!!

          Co-sign about the toes. That’s a nice look but I’ll bypass!!

  • axc919

    I like……..9

  • ginoBrown

    She got a pretty face and a sexy lil petite body…im a thick chick lover myself but I must admit she is put together quite nicely.

  • Cakes

    i like pic 6 in some she kind of looks like Hot Wings i wonder where she disappeared to

    • Gizmo

      Probably back to Hooters

      • Cakes

        lol you wrong for that she should have kept up with the modeling cuz she would have had a good sized fan base

        • jfizzle

          @cakes, what up where you been hiding. I heard hot wings had some “sticky fingers” so she might be cool off in the clink.

          • Cakes

            hey Jfizzle i been around and if thats true about Hot Wings that sucks another reality show star bites the dust it seems majority of them can’t stay out of trouble

    • tony

      that hot wings broad is lesbo now

  • F.B.I.


  • mr. leftfoot

    I’d smash

  • Chi Capitan

    Very pretty girl. Nice and petite. I bet she likes guys that are 6 foot 3 or better. It always seems like the petite ones like real tall men.

  • BWTiger007


  • presto

    the “it” factor on max!!…she can get it…sober…wit da sun still up!!!

  • t-tyme

    she’s nice, on the petite side but she’s cool !!!

  • Pretty face, too skinny for me body wise though. PEACE!!!

  • Can someone please explain to me,what the ***
    is up with these tacky ass chair shots.The less the sexier,they leave nothing to the imagination.It is like “IN YOUR FACE,AND WONT LEAVE YOU ALONE”