Model Of The Moment : Ashley Amour

· September 28, 2010

One of Miami’s finest models goes by the name of Ashley Amour. This isn’t Ashley’s 1st time featured on ANS and it sure won’t be her last as long as she has pictures like these.You can follow her on Twitter @missashleynikki. Are you feeling Ashley Amour?

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Discussion21 Comments

  1. BigSheed says:

    Nice Pics

  2. mr.portcity says:

    Body is on point…

  3. jfizzle says:

    her ass in that last pic took my pressure up!!!

  4. TruDat says:


  5. prime706 says:

    i would bone the hell out of her.

  6. ATL Tony says:

    the 1st pic she look like a tranny, but the one where she is in all black she looking right.

  7. tim says:

    She got all shades of that pink lip stick don’t she. tuff chick though.

  8. tim says:

    The 5th picture is the most natural.

  9. Cold and hot says:

    Her ass is tough!!!

  10. moorfedayeen says:

    That second pic made me stand up! You saved the best for last, huh?

  11. Grymm says:

    That white outfit with the pink lip stick is uncalled for. Stunning!

  12. The Truth says:

    She fine as hell but she need to leave that pink lipstick alone, shit’s tacky

  13. gphi says:

    Tight post, esp. that last pic. PEACE!!!

  14. lethal interjection says:

    bang bang skeat skeat!

  15. t-tyme says:

    wow, she fine, nice body!!!

  16. Da Boss says:

    Body is on point, face is not nothing to brag about.

  17. Slim G says:

    her face aint worth ah damn!

  18. zlon says:

    not crazy about her face, but she could get it!!

  19. Uncle B says:

    She’s a very pretty lady.

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