Twerk Team twerks to Future’s “Itchin” and Mizz Twerksum shows her growth in her homefessional pictures.

  • WHO IS REX?????

    Dude this lol thick azz mofo can get it with the quickness DAAAAAAMN

    • Yeah twerksum can get it. I just hate that bullsh1t in her head LOL

      • jfizzle

        @bstrait, Ms Twerksum had one of these on her head, check :40 mark, LOL, that being said she still smashable!!!!

  • LOL, I’m just wondering how many chicks they have Influenced??

    • WHO IS REX?????

      TRUST me b strizzle countless chix onna southside dog best believe,they look up to shhh like this easily cuz they have no role models

    • DCAssLuva

      they influenced alot they was the 1st girls i seen on youtube twerkin back in 08 now every broad trys too do it

      • LOL girls around the country are “twerk influenced”

        • queso BP.1

          Love that azz!

  • *****FIVE STAR CHICK***** 🙂

    • prince_kosmic

      you out your damn mind….lol. Five star hood chicks still go to Motel 6.

      • PapiChulo

        This N.gga said 5 star chic damn i needed that laugh

        • This chick face is busted. However her body is amazing.

          • ShannelTheUgly

            Agreed #hoodrat

  • Simba

    Twerksum been bad, I remember those nude pics. Would like some more of them now that she’s thicker.

    • crabs

      nude pics?! link please.

      • Simba

        Google is your friend nicca.

        But since you’re one of the homies:

        • prince_kosmic

          where’s the video? hahahha

          • MoorFedayeen

            U sure thats her? She look a tad bit too thick.

          • Simba

            its her bruh, those been out for years and i think she confirmed it on myspace it was her. that’s how old they are, MySpace still rocked.

        • Scola

          Good Job Simba that’s her!

  • DCAssLuva

    red bodysuit or dress and green and white dress SMH!!!!!!!! MEAN!!!!

    the video that terrible song didnt go wit that video at all twerksum should just go solo on some beyonce ish

  • @Simba bad look. Those nude pics we’re WACK!!!

    • Will

      He didn’t take da pics?

      • Simba

        tell it to

        as Will told you, I didn’t take the pics nor am I affiliated in any form with twerksum.

  • damnshame

    Aint nuthin sexier them seein som chic twerk sumn…

  • realtalkldn

    miss twerksum looking thick widdit, smashing both of em though

  • treydarealest1

    she thick wit it

  • LouieV

    Yea. I’ll love to take down twerksum

  • hustle man

    i wish i was standing against the wall while she twerked that big ol ass on this rod

    • prince_kosmic


  • better than this

    I wish these broads would start a stripping career and just sit the fxxk down already. Really they only have 4 moves, we’ve seen this bullsh*t a million fxxking times. You BLACK men are so easily impressed by h*es. When will yall as a people get better. Young and old a** punks on here praising these broads for shaking their a** that needs some Ambi attention asap!!! bwahahahahahaha

    • prince_kosmic

      I and many others don’t praise these chicks, playa. You must be new. Wise men know when to STFU, because continued whining and complaining turns whatever your opinion is into HATE!!! It’s a two way street. If females stop twerking or backing that azz up, not one Black man will complain. Calm down, there is plenty of pimpin goin on in here, but we can’t beat everybody on the head with it.

  • terryplease aka @jYmbond

    Yea… Looking real good. Smh.

  • SupremeJuan

    I have to admit it she is tight work with her hoodrat self lol And yes I would smash …

  • QuaiQuai_20

    Mizz TwerkSum is my obsession.

  • Lovelyone

    Oh please yall dudes kill me! Females been twerkin since the beginning of time.. Come on now how the f@ck u think you all got here… And whats so different that the twerk team do that b1tches at magic city dont dont do??? Go head tell me… Ill wait…….. Nuttin!! Exactly!! They jus young b1tches shakin they ass for attention!! You can tell the niggas up here who dont get pussy on a regular basis.

  • smh she dance!!!!!!!!