Your cardio game has to be right to twerk like Mizz Twerksum and them. Here is some recent twitpics of Mizz Twerksum in the gym flexing. Thoughts?

  • realtalkldn

    yeah ill defo hit it


      where do i sign up????? lol…

      • realtalkldn

        lool you tell me bruva!

        • bighomie53

          I been said that she was serious & she cute so i’m smashin!!!!!!! Shorty thick as hell plus her shake-down skills are crazy… #WP

  • realtalkldn

    yep im hitting it

  • Hizzle


  • jfizzle

    Damn that lil broad fine ass hell, I see she bout to do her Beyonnce Diana Ross thing and leave the group

  • smed337

    same lil moves but will fuck.

  • mystikal voice*…….”twerk sumthin,shake sumthin,bring that azz over here”…lol. Yeah Ms. Twerks body is official… beat it 4sho

    • @terryplease

      Straight up my nig. I’m servin her off top. s/o to Mr. Cool (mystical) grew up listening to dat boy

      • mr. leftfoot

        I’d definitely smash

        • bighomie53

          No question i’m smashin too, cause shorty bad to me i’ll f*** the shit outta her!!!!!!!!!! … DAMN HER BODY in pic #4 & #5… #WP

  • DarkAssKnight

    lady luscious needs to sit down wit her skinny no havin ass….mz twerksum can get it tho 3x!

  • trap101

    there’s a lot of hairstyles looking as different as night and day going on, but would I smash?……nah this heffer ugly…….i’m playin’, of course.

  • Jake

    Smash for sure!

  • presto

    these lil frame…phat bootyz are rare…and shorty can throw dat thang…so would i beat?…***WHITE CHICK VOICE***…..”WELLL…YAAAH…DUHHH”…lol

    • moorfedayeen

      “Rare”? Where you from? Its plenty out here like this but too many of them eat their way out of a nice shape. Even with all that I see plenty up here in the city. I gained some respect for this girl after seeing her in the gym. A lot of girls don’t do that.

      • presto

        what i mean by “rare” @moor…is that i see alot of chicks wit thick thighs..legs..mid sec..and just “thick” in general….wit the AZZ these dayz…itz not often i see a nice small figure…lil waist..and “small” in general wit a nice azz….most of the time these frames could use alittle more…..i guess that “rare” word was lil extreme…lets say not often…in my case…and im repin the “CACK” @moor

        • @presto, *petey pablo voice*………”north carolina cmon and raise up”…lol. Wut up @presto…bp corp!

  • true blackman

    that 3rd picture shot me

  • true blackman

    i ment the 4th one

  • Louie V

    Yea shawty bad as fuck. She know how to bounce that m@thafucka too.



  • prime706

    i would lay down in bed with her after smashing.

    • jfizzle

      @Prime, no “smash and dash”, I hear that.

  • lonestar playa

    damn! she stepped her game up!

  • ss3walkman

    Ya’ll gotta come to the south end of Seattle. If you guys think they’re bad then you ain’t seen nothing yet. We got females up here that put them to shame. They don’t get jobs up here cause they’re corny to us but outside people are paying them stacks to come dance. They’re average dancers and average looking females too. Nothing special around here.

  • Greg4422

    Sorry nothing sexy about a woman with socks on!!!!

    • moorfedayeen

      Even if thats all she got on?????????

  • Cold and Hot

    Body is the truth!!!

  • she nice, and that ass move

  • prime706

    @jfizzle come on cuz u wouldnt roll over and hit that ass again. be real now.

    • jfizzle

      @prime, dog I was agreeing with you.

  • Grymm

    Good damn! I’d work Ms. Twerk!

  • prime706

    @ jfizzle dam my bad cuz i want some of that ass.

  • Sweer

    she got a real nice body

  • HoesBoreMe

    Definitely beatable but she the kind hoodrat that you absolutely would dread to have a baby by. They need to bring back Betty Butt and Cola though and stop doing the same dances in that same dusty house in the same raggedy clothes barefooted like some runaway slaves.

  • Meyer Plansky

    now thats gorgeouz… she badder than most post mostly all the celebs too

  • Southwest

    She’s a bad one.

  • well damn twerk sumn if ya can better yet let me grab on ya apple n smack on it with my hand see we can swim on a thousand on the island wildin like nick or surf on this wave and have um sea sick

  • Quai-Quai_19

    I’m totally gonna smash that!!

  • @hoesboreme dusty house???? are U stupid? That gym is in their house ! Smh..they live in a nice ass house they’ve allowed the inside and out on their video’s” life of the twerkers”

  • JunjeeBadd

    She is not tht cute at all. Looks like a scare crow wit a** who can dance…. -not tht great