Everyone is leaving Instagram for the Vine app including Mizz Twerk Sum. Hopefully the Twerk Team will be twerking on Vine more then twice a month.

The things you see women doing on Vine reminds me of how Instagram was before they started cracking down and deleting accounts. Follow us on Vine Atlnightspots


Sheneka Adams trying to make it clap..

  • 850

    I’ll take Shaneka Adams over Mz.Twerksum I’m sorry I can’t look into Mz.Twerksum face. And I heard she has a nasty saddity attitude 10pts deducted.

    • WildWild

      @850 all she needs is a good beating..lol… that changes quick but I dig u Shaneka look better but Mz. Twerksum .. what Drake say one time is just fine with me.. I gotta c what it do..lol

      • 850

        @WildWild what it do my TC brother! I can’ front I would ^%&* the breath out of Mizz.Twerksum. I wanna know if she can pu$%^whip me. She look like she can give some great head too. Oh yeah!!!!!! Count me in.

        • presto 2.5

          calm yo happy azz down…


  • REX!!!

    Awwwww shhhh,lol

    • 850

      850 sends paramedics over o Rex’s office. Rex seems to be having a heart attack @the MGC bldg. lol.

      • REX!!!


  • queso (the corp)

    Mz Twerksum my bitc#…..she could twerk that shi# all day far as I’m concerned…GOAT of twerking lol

    • jfizzle

      @queso, yo just let me borrow her on every other Tuesday and Wednesdays with an odd day!!! LOL

  • edo

    “Everyone is leaving Instagram for the Vine app”- Ummmmmmm…..No vine still needs work, Look at the ratings on Android and apple, not the easiest thing to use with a front camera and if the Ratchets like Mz Twerksum and everyone else starts using it, shit crashing daily

  • 1luv

    Sheneka don’t have enough cake to make it clap!

  • President Ward

    Caramel Kitten all day!!

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • Tim

    What about that chick Johnny Blaze having a “Twerkbortion” on stage? That’s all i think about when I hear the word “Twerk” now.

  • RED(Corp)

    Twerksum’s vine got the blood flowing

    I see @850 up there flexing like he wasn’t smelling the computer screen on her vine

    • presto 2.5

      lol…yeah that nicca is fuk’n up a bottle of lotion as we speak!

      lil nicca gonna hurt himself…


      • RED(Corp)

        @Moor knocking on the door telling him don’t use it all because he got next.

  • Big P

    That ass is official

  • Id help sheneka get her azz clapping tho LOL

    “Bend ova for a minute neka…let me help u out”

  • miller

    lol them hoe though in the first vine

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    aint neva been a fan of niether of these hoeees but

    aint gone lie mizz twerk looking like money in thiw pic, that monkey on her sitting nice, cant see how any nicca would not like that

  • DCAssLuva

    this damn tease u gonna shake yo ass do it on youtube fuckk vine

    all these new apps last year cinegram had these ho’s going crazy now its vine and keek damn yall wanna upload videos just do it on youtube these 5 sec clips aint doin nothin for nobody

    • Realtalkin

      +1 now thats something i can agree with!!!!