Miss Twerksum latest video dancing to Gucci Mane ‘Do It’.. Check out the chic in the grey pants homegrown bukket nekked pix.

  • Cold and hot


    • go-hard case

      thats hot

  • Grymm

    Good damn! Grey tights worked it. They both did

  • CAPO


  • MJ Fade Away

    Yo shorty in the grey is the Michael Jordan of the group. The other two are BJ Armstrong and Craig Hodges

  • MJ Fade Away

    Yo admin, can you open the nekkid pics to everybody, they only available to people in the forum

    • nekkid pics will cause the site to lose advertisers.. BET told me the site was to (uncut) and denied me a red carpet access pass so I try to keep it clean as possible..

      • kingartsmart

        Just accept it this is an uncut site. But u dont wanna lose advertisements so I aint mad at you keep doing what u doing. U are on track to reach greatness. What you need to do is get an interview with Mz. twerksumthin. I don’t think nobody is doing that. Matter of fact get a interview with all the hottest females in the game. PINKY, Cherokee, etc. They will do it for promotion.The interviews would be exclusive.

  • oohwee

    The same dances with the same raggedy clothes and the same raggedy part of the house

  • man i got dem pix! gimmie ya email…i'll snd em to ya!

  • man

    IM tired of seeing the same dance move to different songs..move on from this shit..

  • Swag

    Miss Twerk Sum is fire

  • shorty is bad as hell

  • MJ Fade Away

    Yo she need to stop playing. If she got nude pix out, she need to go head and strip for real. Stop dry humping the camera and "do something strange for a piece of change"

    • go-hard


  • cacio

    for real