Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin Wedding Pictures

· June 17, 2012

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Here are some exclusive Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin wedding pictures from Saturday 6/16. These ain’t the best quality of pictures but they will do for now. You can catch DeVon this Sunday, June 17, at 11 am with none other than Oprah Winfrey on her Emmy-nominated series Super Soul Sunday. He will talk with her about his fascinating life story to date, as well as his faith and how it plays out in his life every day.

Congrats to the couple I wish the most success in there marriage..


Will Packer ‏@willpowerpack er
Congratulations to @meagangood & @DeVon_Franklin two amazing ppl inside & out. Those were the most beautiful vows I’ve ever heard!

1h lyrica anderson ‏@lyricaanderso n
This wedding @MeaganGood and Devon is One of the most Beautiful things I’ve experienced !! Congrats to a beautiful and blessed Marriage!

Tracey Edmonds ‏@Traceyeedmond s
Congratulations, love and blessings to @DeVon_Franklin & @MeaganGood who just JUMPED THE BROOM!!!!!!!

Tracey Edmonds ‏@Traceyeedmond s
Happy Saturday Family! Beautiful day/evening sharing & celebrating love at @MeaganGood & @DeVon_Franklin wedding. Hope u r enjoying urs!!!

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.


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Discussion17 Comments

  1. TheTruthATL says:

    Congrats! I wish the best for their marriage.

  2. Simba says:

    She’s so badd. Like, she’s gorgeous. Damn.

    On a side note, guess that means homie finally smashed.

  3. Super John says:

    nice wedding pictures

  4. Murder says:

    I hope he left a holy nut on her grill for making him wait

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      That was pretty crude and tasteless. Congrats to these two young ppl. I wish you two many, many years together

  5. TYBO2020 says:


  6. Ttown419 says:

    @simba&murder I was thinking the same sh*t u kno he did…they got married quik

  7. realtalkldn says:

    good for them, all the best

  8. yeahsucka says:

    Sooo how long this fake sh*t gon last……..

  9. PapiChulo says:

    something about that nicca dont know just somethinbg about bra dont like, maybe because its with meagan, maybe itx nothing, but either way God bless em, cant be mad a a broad trying to live right as opposed to these basic model red carpet scene ho3s

  10. Greg4422 says:

    So basically she told him no sex until marriage and he started singing Al Greene…”lets get married today.” Hope it was worth it bruh.

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