Maliah Michel was in Atlanta for a day yesterday and made it out to Kamal’s 21 strip club Friday night. po** star Mya G and Vanessa Lereaux accompanied Maliah Michel in the club who was not dancing just in the building tipping and enjoying some of Atl’s finest dancers.

I got to say there is a lot of beautiful women you see online that when you meet them you think other wards Maliah isn’t one of them I think she looks better in person if that is possible. From her personality to looks one word to describe her flawless and who would of thought she is camera shy…That’s the reason there is no video of her. She will coming back to Atlanta soon though, more promoters out here need to book her.

Shouts out to Shabonita who was recently on ANS here and Junk candy who are the Ustream queens check em out Shouts out to Smurfworld doing his thing each and every Friday at Kamal’s 21 strip club. Fellas it’s some stallions in there.

Maliah,Mya G and Vanessa Lereaux in the back

Me and Maliah

Smurfworld promoter and Maliah

Kamal’s 21 strip club owner and Maliah

Junk Candy Ustream’ing in the club

Shaonita and Junk Candy

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  • Sweer

    maliah one of them chicks that look even better in home grown then she does in photo shoots so i aint surprised she looks even better in person but she needs 2 lay of that make up shes beautiful she dont need it

  • d-boy

    Maliah is #1 where is the cats that said Kyra was better looking now?

    • uh oh and the battle begins lol!

      • Kyra still looks better to me playboy @ de-boy. Sh1t playa I would take the chick in the brown jacket over Maliah.

  • ice

    damn the thoughts of Mya and Maliah at the same time.

    • jfizzle

      @Ice, I’am with you on that. I have always said they resemble each other. Now that’s a dynamic duo!!!!

      • I would take Mya-G over Maliah any day. Mya got a donk good goodness of my.

  • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

    She looks good but not in my top 5.

    • aww naw 40! Man homie you are about 2 enter the “warzone” lol. Now you know it is forbidden 2 not give full luv to maliah on ans lol. I know you already know this lol. So I’m just gon tell ya “keep ya guard up @ all times” becuz you about a few people get @ you lmao. Thepack!

      • nah it ain’t like that fam but if you make a statement you have to able to defend it or elaborate.

        • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

          Lol, B. Ok, Hahz, I accept the challenge!

          1. Diamond
          2. Temeca
          3. Sultry Simone
          4.Khyrsti Hill 5. Montana Deleon- I don’t care that she has 5 kids cuz if we ever meet, she gonna have a few

          • 1.Diamond doesn’t have enough non photoshopped pics or videos material out there for me to compare to the Bria’s etc. etc.
            2.Temeca my top 10 I meet her in person and she is a show stopper but lost weave points
            3.Sultry see #1
            4.Khyrsti is retired who knows what she looks like now and in person she looks better online photoshopped.
            5.Montana ?able enhancements

          • @40, lol round 1 goes 2 hahz,but ur five is a real nice squad tho,strait up! But no portia,or bria? Wtf…..u gotta have them on there “its the law” lmao. Wolfpack!

          • lonestar_playa

            i think u lost dis one playa

          • bamabeest

            Diamond #1????? Really????? SMFH

            1. Maliah
            2. Bria
            Ummmm, the rest just blend in

          • Damn 40 I got ya

            1. Bria Myles
            2. Portia Jenkins
            3. Tasha Destiny
            4. Kyra
            5. Lastarya

            Here’s my top 6 and honorable mention goes to Mrs.Ice!

          • @ Hahz Well man every man has their own opinion right? Free country right? Okay I see ya’ll fella’s getting a lil hostile over this chick man it ain’t that serious to me. But I’m wit 40 and fly the chick didn’t make my list either bro. To each of it’s own right? Lmao it’s all good fella’s.

  • “damn” this chick is “killin” that lil black dress! Maliah lookin damn good,thats y she stays n the top 5. Junk & shaonita was lookin nice too just not as good as maliah tho lol,strait up. Thepack!

    • Cakes

      I agree with you B strait up and I have to hand it to Junk she takes a good photo but we all saw her on the show

  • lonestar playa

    She’s my #1 outta allllll models in the game. Pic #5 dawg iswear I almost shedded a tear……..and dat one girl and the first pic wit maliah kinda favors her a bit! They related? Or did one of the Mowry twins got thick as fuck lol!

  • bamabeest

    @Forty_and_Fly_Guy……not in your top 5? I’m dying to know what 5 chicks toppin that. This woman a BEAST mane!!!!! #1

    • lol bama u read my mind if she isn’t in your top 5 then who is?

      • bamabeest

        Diamond #1????? Really????? SMFH
        1. Maliah

        2. Bria

        Ummmm, the rest just blend in

  • MisterMidas

    Am I wrong for saying, I’m tired of her? Dont get me wrong, she bad as hell….but as far as JUST pics go….she gonna need to do some full out nude, damn near porn type sh1t for me to be interested in looking at her again.

    Now, dont get it twisted, if I was to see her in person, I’d have to try my hand and spit whatever game I could come up with to get a piece cause she IS fine as hell. But hell, I might be one of the few but I’m tired of seein her on regular ass photos….dat b1tch need to do porn or something now.

  • Tim

    These last two pictures had me that Lil chick bad! I am also glad Maliah took that picture with Mya G. I am tired of hearing folks say they are the same person. I hope people get it now.

    Have not seen Mya G in anything for a min, since she started like dudes poke her in the ass on film. Them chicks get payed way more that’s why she don’t work that much. I would love to poke both them broads off film.

    • Tim

      She went way over with the makeup too. Maliah, that is. Shaonita is a phuck pedestal piece! Better than a dime.

    • jfizzle

      @Tim, What’s the definition of IRONIC? A stripper and her look-a-like pornstar, in a strip club, and they both got clothes on!!! LOL

      • Tim

        @jfizzle, I see that some people having trouble identifying Phat and fat down below. Maliah is Phat for shore’ So is Mya G for that matter in my opinion.

        That is truly some Ironic shyt there. Neither has any shame in their games either.

  • mr.portcity

    Hahz I know u were being professional but u shud have drop that hand and gripped sumthing…I don’t have a top five so many out. And plus I like new faces….how about this ms.koi,absolutley amber,lastarya,ms.dre ,maliah, rikki renee….sum mia like kema rae, love barret,and brandy pages in no order

  • blogettee

    Mya G standing next to Maliah just made me realize how really PHAT Maliah is …

    DAMN, that gurl thicker than a snicker !

  • MyDude

    Maliah is a border line Big Chick…One more Cheeseburger and that chick will be fat as hell

    • lonestar_playa

      she don’t even have a stomach wut the fuck u talkin bout lol! datz jus thickness she got in a damn good way

  • jfizzle

    @Hahz, yo that’s what you need to hook up, the Mya G Maliah photo shoot , similar to the Maliah Cubana shoot, just use milk instead, YEAH BABY!!! (AUSTIN POWERS VOICE)!!!

  • A-1perrrricco

    mya g and maliah damn!!! (only other places i’ve seen them together is in my dreams lol)

  • sammo

    maliah neet to stick a sign on her ass that read ‘BUILT FORD TOUGH’……she is a stallion no doubt…..but as far as the top 5 debate goes i see a lotta dudes sleeping on KEANI COCHELLE….maliah (or any other urban model for that matter) ain’t got sh1t on her….hahz i think we need a refresher post of the 6 ft BOMBSHELL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah I forgot all about Keani Cochelle. Man it’s so many of these thick ass honey’s until it makes no damn sense.

  • ed

    I remember there was a poll about the favorite strip clubs in Atlanta and few people voted for Kamal’s 21. I hope those people realized why I stated they didn’t know what they were talking about by choosing clubs like Magic City or even lesbian-heavy Stroker’s over Kamal’s..

  • maliah,mya’g,& junk damn those three beautiful dumb thick lady’s

  • All of these ladies are tight. PEACE!!!

  • DjAbstrakt845

    Hahz i see you Fam !!!

  • Jimmy89

    I always siad Maliah aint got a donk. just merely a round ass

  • EL

    This is an extremely beautiful woman. She really doesn’t need to strip,but…