Check out these rare pictures of Lil Wayne’s fiance Dhea Sodano. She is rarely seen in the media unless holding hands in public with Weezy. I will go on a limb and say one of the reasons he is attracted to her is because she doesn’t seem like she is trying to come up off his fame to get pregnant and get a reality show.

I was just having a convo with my man this morning about the difference between meeting a woman that is on Twitter/Instagram all day and a woman who doesn’t have a social site account. One of the biggest differences in the two women is one is either consumed in everyone else’s biz  (or who is liking pics)… and the other that doesn’t have a social site is too busy in real life to be worrying about what everyone is doing 24/7.

Back to the topic at hand.. Are you feeling Dhea?

  • queso (The Corp)

    Am I feeling her? No….but hey that’s his girl not mines.

  • presto 2.5

    pretty lady…

    and you couldn’t be more right on tha …”account-no account female”

    teach fam

    • Mister Mister

      Yes! Definitely on point with that view. Ol girl I’m talking to hardly ever gets on FB & doesn’t have Twitter/Instagram. I actually find that appealing about her.

      So I agree with Pres & Hahz about that. As far as ol girl goes, she cool. I guess Wayne likes them kinda lowkey girls, cuz Lauren London is similar

      • Big ALbert

        Lauren London is a bustdown tho.

        Dhea is ok I guess.

  • MoorFeen4Lorraine

    OK….there is 0% chance that she would fuq wit lil dude let alone marry him if he weren’t a top tier wealthy rapper. Fact.

    • pretty bold assumption to make being online and not around them in person.

      • Pose

        It’s bold, but chances are that he’s right. I presume she’s with her family in those pictures. I don’t really think that fancy handbag having chick would date a broke version of lil Wayne. And I don’t see lil Wayne fittin in those pictures anyway… You cannot even spot on tattoo on any of them! But, love is love. so congrats to them.

        On another note, I don’t think that RR chauffeur sees anything in front of him. Loool

      • jamarxyz

        yo Hahz…whats up with page 2…its blank.

        • MoorFeen4Lorraine

          What’s even weirder is the fact that there are no pics of her and Wayne.

  • damnshame

    is she a jew? that would explain the lyrics beat it up like E. Till…we know how much tha jews dislike the brown people unless of course u agree to digress the brown race……jus sayin

    • MoorFeen4Lorraine

      They hate us cause they are not us. They’re impostors. I dislike Jews too.

  • Dude is really into the skateboard theme!

  • Louise

    She is Italian. I know her personally. Ya’ll couldn’t be more wrong about her reasons for being with him. She has her own money so rule money out of the equation. I got to know him a little bit too. There is true love between them, strong family ties, Lil Wayne is his stage name and persona, he is not Lil Wayne 24/7. They have a tight circle they run with, are very family oriented. Read and believe what you want in the press and blogs. It’s all crap. Haters believe what you will. He is a nice guy and treats her like a queen and she treats him the same. Unless you are in it then you don’t know. They make a terrific couple and team. Dhea adores his kids and they her; all the baby mamas love her too and they all get along just great. She is funny and smart and knows exactly what she has and who he is…period/end of story. They are Wayne and Dhea…not Lil Wayne and Dhea, not Tune and Dhea…Wayne and Dhea…plain and simple. Get over it and deal with it. They are in love and what they have works for them. Period.

    • Rafaela

      First of all, i like ur comment very much. But wait ,wow! Are they still together?? I thought they broke up! Really? I’m so happy to read that, allthough i don’t even know her. Lol

  • FDB

    • @Louise….This is all fun jokes! No one on this page, other than you, gives two shits about Lil Wayne (or who he dates) to that magnitude!

      • jamarxyz


  • reese

    weezy could do ALOT better, maybe it’s the sex game… idk. tammy torres>her

    • 4xtra

      you sound like a FEMALE

  • ABreez

    You can tell shes crazy af when shes not around her family. Those pictures are probably from a friend or family member’s Facebook

  • HerBabyDaddy

    So Wayne still tryna every girl in the world or nah? Not sure if I feel the same on tammy torres being better than her but I heard tammy was a bustdown. Nothing wrong with that at all but obvisously can’t be wife’d up, at least not now.

  • grmnmusl

    Possible tranny…..

  • defending everybody dead fly that, go through the blog I posted above, also all say that Dhea is practically a loaf of God, and who really loves Wayne, if that is how they operated the ass, although this also Wayne with Karrine Steffans, and a vixen named Dana Lee. open your eyes, Dhea this with Wayne for money everyone knows Wayne’s mistresses, a real woman would not hold that kind disrespect.

  • Weezy forever

    Toya was da only gal 4 wayne,i dnt support this relationship