Keani Cochelle said we’ll see more of her this year,and so far she’s kept her word. There’s no one else in the game right now that’s 6’1,170 lbs,and built like Keani. I’m feeling the new pics.

Thumbs up or down?

Via Rasheed





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  • Realtalkin

    Thumbs up. She so damn fine to me wit her thick lips and body

    • presto 2.5

      Realtalk!…If she drops dymes more consistantly…she will move up to my #Uno…thats grownman thickness…fuk all the “tighten up” shyt…lol

      • President Ward

        @presto grownman thickness? Dude is you gay?

        That’s some grownwoman thickness.

        • presto 2.5

          Thickness made for a grownazz man @Ward…

          if i must explain…lol

          • President Ward

            I knew that bro. I was only joking with you. @presto

    • President Ward

      @Real did you see that bonus pic? GOT DAYUM!!!!

      • Realtalkin

        @pres yea fo sho she need is consistency!!

        @Pward damn right i did, that is a showstopper right there

  • NoJhoke

    Blessed is the man who gets to “Tame” that every night…

  • President Ward

    She’s badd. #WP

  • Damn 6’1,170lbs smh=seriously stacked LOL. Bonus pic was hot. Where my nigga @Rex at?????

    • President Ward

      I made him retire.

    • REX


      AND 1

  • Keani is a rare breed indeed. I’m 6’3 so this is one of the ten ANS challenges for me haha.


    top 5 if she keep droppin pics

  • lazarus

    Unicorn, in every sense of the word. SMH. This will make some of ya’ll question your manhood. This is Midgard approved. Tips hat to the Commish. LOL

  • Mister Mister

    She cool, but I like her brown skin friend on the right a little better….

  • Playboy69

    KEANI COCHELLE >>>> Tahiry….Keani Cochelle all day!…She is a TOP 10!

    • WildWild


      • Playboy69


  • Big ALbert

    This woman is a dime if I’ve ever seen one. I’m glad she’s gonna be more into the spotlight this year.

  • 828heffe

    +1 if she keeps up this pace she will have be in Top5 conversations

  • She been in my top spot. These models better get ready because she is coming….

  • WildWild

    The Bombshell Keani Cochelle…. good lawd if you ever in the Chi Sweetie… Hahz bout time you fixed this site bro… I’ve been getting site may be infected messages.. is it straight now? almost had me miss the finest in the Game the Bombshell

    • presto 2.5


    • @wild, “finest in the game?” Whoa!!!!!!!! Don’t make me bring back the icon herself….PJ!!!

      • WildWild

        @Strizzle ain’t never had any problems with you bro… but this is where we differ… ya’ll can retire ProJect need a phone.. she’s done bro.. u better reckanize KC the Bombshell and get on board. nephew

  • blizzy

    10 on the mother fu*kin scorecard… one of the best in the game… 6 ft of thyckness loves it



  • bighomie53

    Thumbs up fasho, i’ll tackle her big a$$ & work her over big time without a doubt!!!!! #WP