Kara Chase Is Vine’s Ultimate Twerker

· August 30, 2013


The word of the week would definitely have to be TWERK. The twerk team has taken a vacation from making videos in the peak of the twerking season (which makes absolutely no sense) so we bring to you Kara Chase who is currently holding the belt.




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  1. She aight, a bit light thou.

    By the way, that Rosee vs Symba post in the forum should be obliterated . Symba to fine and too thick to be compared to Rosee.

  2. Moor#BpCoffins says:

    How you twerkin wit no azz?

  3. This is the weakest shit ever!! Her body doesn’t have enough meat for me to get excited about her twerkin!!

  4. 850 says:

    Y’all boys flexin. I gotta give lil momma her props. She’s sexy and she’s not bad looking either. Not my cup of tea but if she wants to show me a good time and be cool with me hell I’ll accept the offer.

  5. Mizz Twerksum the GOAT twerker if that makes any sense..this chick is 2nd on the all time list.

  6. Mister Mister says:

    Somebody give this broad some attention, she’s clearly looking for it

  7. RED(MGC World) says:

    The camera moved more than her ass cheeks

  8. seanjohn100 says:

    im more interested in fucking her than watching her twerk. never had a flexible bitch before

  9. lazarus says:

    The GIF’s is hilarious tho @Commish. LOL

  10. miller says:

    lmfao this is comedy

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