Up and coming model Kara Allison repping the MIA is this months XXL candy. Are you feeling her?

(Double click pictures to enlarge)

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  • t-tyme


  • nice pics now just let us see sum homegrowns,strait up!

  • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

    Her beauty and boobies make up for her lack of booty! If she had ass, she would be a true dime! She’s close to one, now!

    @ Moor….yo, bro, I appreciate you sticking up for me on the Soulja Boy’s brother’s death. Everyone handles grief, differently, and an escape is needeed. Instead of boozing and drugging, to which I never engage, I have substituted women, for that high. Besides, receiving all the love and condolances from all the fellas was much appreciated and needed.

  • BIG EL

    Thank God somebody decided to give Kara Allison some exposure which she really Truly Gorgeous!!! Def gonna pick up that XXL mag!


    yup in my white T

  • Cold and Hot

    Yep she sexy.

  • Jimmy89

    cute face & big titties. all she is missing is the ass.

  • Jimmy89

    she def lying about her measurements tho.



  • sammo

    she is very beautiful….i wud like to c sum HGs

  • Vincent

    She’s hot….thats for sure

  • syl

    yo! im happy to see kara gettin some work in like this.. congrats hun!