Meet Jeneva Diaz. she resides out of New Jersey and she is over qualified for morning thick em’s.


I’m a Jersey girl model corporate world bartender gym rat follow me @jeneva_diaz

  • SCORE CARD 10!!

    • livingword

      I would give her a 9 Fam….Her body reminds me alto of Sabrina Hunter with those thick thighs….oh the memories. I give her a 9 instead of a 10 because the face is slightly off, but she is definately banging

      • queso BP.1

        Her frame does remind u of sabrina hunters I was thinkin the same.

      • too_funny

        she wont be a 10 in 10 years……

        @pres gonna be saying to his partners…”but 10 years ago she was bad”


    • jamar

      really dont give out tens,but she is very close…jersey has a lot of sexy latinas.

      • Somebody mention her weave LOL. **@scootyblack voice**..Uhhh thank u,I was about to call u out” LOL

        • She’s official. Love pic one with her in the brown dress. I would of had to step to her that day.

  • Realtalkin

    Very nice!!!!

  • I AM REX !!!!!

    Maaan somebody give this thick MOTHAPHUCKA a standing ovation,DAAAAAAMN,CERTIFIED THICKNESS

    • @Rex yes she’s a dime can’t front. I love the pic of her sitting on the stool with the brown dress on.

  • 206dee

    Babe’ is on point solid thick

  • presto 2.0


    We stay dropping fiya on yalls thirsty azzes!!!

    Bp Corp…”or Santa Claus to you clowns”

    she blazin cot dangit!

    • queso BP.1

      @pres love that little subtle arch she giving us in that 13th pic!!

      • Yeah she’s good money!! *points & laughs at the chocos*

        • Presto u bummy son of a bitch how r you? What part of Carolina u @?

          • @850 what’s poppin? You back with a vengeance …

          • presto 2.0

            Greensboro…”You stankin azz nicca…”

            “I thought it smelled like azz in here…and now i see why…”…lol

            whtp @Fif…ready to let prest put you on some of that Carolina down south thickness?…prest has plunty…that would send yo azz home broke and sore…lol

          • @ Prest shit send them on. Them chicks will be cooking my meals,washing my drawers, walking around naked in my palace. When the Fl boys step in the area trust me them chicks will not let us go. I need to get ur email I’ll be up there in a few months.

            @P.Ward wassup homie what’s good with you? I’m chillin.

    • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

      She gets an invite to the BP All Black Party

  • queso BP.1

    Wheeeeeeeeeew weeeeeeeee nicca yea!!!! She nice..aint too often I get excited bout spanish broads I’m around them all day everyday but shorty look good!

  • BzB

    1st pic with her on the stool is all i needed. she a winner.

  • archer24

    Shes built right.

  • WildWild

    Jeneva Diaz yes lawd

  • That mf is super thick.

  • blizzy

    i love it……. god bless da hips

  • Southwestern

    She does remind me of Sabrina Hunter but without the dwarf proportions. Heavenly thick with a pretty face, easy dime.

  • onthegrind

    Verry Niice…hey Hahz u was stingy w the Bonus on this one though lol!

  • TYBO2020


  • LouieV


  • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

    Oh hell yeah I’d Holla at her on site….

    Short and thick women will always have a slot on my team

  • desolation

    (flashes thumbs up sign)

  • visio

    Damn she’s beautiful face and body who gives a damn about 10 years time no woman is a 10 once they past the age of 30 but for a few exceptions depends on their family jeans but anyway she looking correct now that’s all I care about